Evo Tech Pvt. Ltd.

Rolling mill equipment, wire rod mill, tail braker
Evotech Pvt. Ltd’s solutions comprise erection of blast furnaces, coke oven plant, sinter plant, billet caster and rolling mills.
Our products: Rolling mill, evcon turbotm tmt system, automatic cooling bed, evcon flying shear, tail braker, wire rod mill, rolling mill equipment.
Evcon TurboTM TMT system: The need for cutting down the cost of production of high strength re-bars has initiated the involvement of a more economical and competitive process — the Thermo Mechanical Treatment (TMT) Process. The use of the process has not only helped produce re-bars of high yield strength but they also have superior ductility, weld-ability, bend-ability, better corrosion resistance and thermal resistance.
Wire rod mill: Finished products (rounds) are classified into three major categories:
1. Rods dia. 10mm and above.
2. Wire rod dia. between 5mm and 10 mm.
3. Wires dia. 5 mm and below
Quality of wire rods
•     Close dimensional tolerances of the end product +- 0.10mm and ovality 0.2mm
•     Scale loss 0.5% to 0.6 %
•     Negative tolerances (In sectional weight)
•     No variation in dimensions throughout the length of the bar
•     Uniform physical properties
•     Uniform weight with nominal variation between middle and back end
Evo Tech Pvt. Ltd.
17, 18, Commercial Complex
IT Tower, Nehru Nagar (East)
Bhilai 490020 (CG)
Tel: +91-788-2326247, 4040539, 4034258
Fax: +91-788-4037468

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