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AMF controllers, auto load sharing controllers
Precisely engineered solutions in the field of Industrial Process Instrumentation, Process Automation, Data Logging and Electrical Controls, can be accessed through just one source – Extreme Automation.
AMF Controllers
AMF ( Auto Mains Failure ) Controllers is for controlling the Diesel Generator, When Mains fail, this controller Automatically gives start kick to Diesel Generator, If the Generator does not start after 3 Kick, then it gives the Hooter Output. If the Generator starts then the Load is transferred to Generator. Meanwhile if the Mains recovers the load is transfered to the Mains after Delay. And D.G is kept ON for 1 Minute for cooling and then the controller gives Stop Output
Optional: Load High and Load Low this inputs are used for connecting two D.G in Load Sharing Mode .If there is Low load then slave D.G is Stopped, if Load is High then the Slave D.G is made ON to share the Load.
Universal Controllers
We at EXTREME AUTOMATION are into manufacturing Universal Controllers and consultancy and services in design and development.
This controller software will be developed as per your requirements. This controller can be used as a replacement for PLC at a lower cost.
3phase Volt/Amp/Freq (Vif)
·         Microcontroller based System.
·         Voltage Range: upto 500Volt
·         Current Range: upto 5000Amps for 5000/5 CT
·         Frequency Range: 10Hz to 100Hz
·         Over/Under Voltage Settable.
·         Manual /Auto Reset for overload
Auto Load Sharing Controllers (ALS)
This is a Automatic Load Sharing Controller, which computes load current of Two Diesel Generator (DG) Sets and if the Load is less and can be handled by the Master Diesel Generator (DG) it will put off the Slave Diesel Generator (DG) to Save the FUEL. Three C.T.s for 3 Phase fo Master DG and Three C. T. s for Slave DG is connected which measures the current. The display shows each phase current one by one of DG 1 and DG 2.
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