Filtra offers data logging remote monitoring systems

Filtra Consultants & Engineers Ltd. present the latest data logging, remote monitoring systems for various applications
 If one can monitor and record the data of plant operation, then efficiency, maintenance and performance of plant can be tracked.
For example, in automatic Astero panels, the data like conductivity, flow rate, total flow, pump’s currents are recorded with time and date. Also the alarms and trip are recorded, i.e. the tripping of pumps on high current or low current, low pressure or high pressure in system, On and Off because of level switches gets recorded. All these data can effectively help to plan ordering of consumables as well as in deciding life of RO membranes, cleaning cycle for RO membranes, to know and monitor exact production
The data can be sent via SMS to registered mobile numbers, so that the owner or manager of plant can come to know the daily production.
Applications• Data logging for RO plants/water treatment plants• Data logging for receipt of water/chemicals through tankers• Instruments and data logging of UF/STP/ETP plants  for monitoring and recording instruments data.

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