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Maintenance Free Chemical Gel Earthing
An ISO 9001:2000 certified company, Global Power Systems is an importer, trader, supplier and total turnkey solution provider of advance external lightning protection systems, surge protection devices, maintenance free chemical gel earthing solutions, connected electrical systems – AC & DC Contactors, MCB, MCCB, Smoke Detectors, Cooling Fan, GPRS modem etc.
The products are in complete sync with the IS, IEC, IEEE, NF C 17 102, TEC, RDSO standards and are certified by CACT, CPRI and UL. Association with reputed manufacturers in Australia, USA, France, China and several other countries has enabled the Company in offering an unmatched quality range rich in innovation, safety, protection and control.
Global Power Systems has client base in different sectors such as Telecom, Defence, Railways, Power, Space Research Organization, Industries, Electrical Consultants, Electrical Contractors, Architects, etc.
Product Range: Direct Lightning Protection – ESE & CSE, Powerline Protection Devices, Dataline Protection Devices, Chemical Gel Earthing System, Electronic Products & Components, Electrical Goods, Equipment & Supplies.
Maintenance Free Chemical Gel Earthing: Generally in any earth system (or earth pit) measures are taken to ensure the good conductivity with earth and low earth resistance. For this purpose water/humidity retaining compounds like salt, charcoal, etc are used in the earth pit with various metallic parts. But with Salt and charcoal in an earth pit, the life of the metallic parts gets degraded due to corrosion, likely hood of soil pollution is expected and there is good possibility of washing away of these mixtures (salt & charcoal) during rains.
It requires continuous monitoring and maintenance of these types of conventional earth pits by sprinkling water on these pits on regular intervals. Being the important criterion for the protection of the equipment, the need for a maintenance free earth pit has always been there to have longer life of the earth system as well as to eliminate the human errors while maintenance of the earth pits.
Global Power Systems
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