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Industrial security solutions industry in India is gradually catching-up. With an annual turn-over of Rs. 400 crores, Godrej Security Solutions Division, a division of Godrej & Boyce Mfg. Co. Ltd. is the pioneer in the business of security solutions. Mehernosh B. Pithawala, General Manager – International  Business & Marketing Communications, Godrej Security Solutions highlights the five mantras that required addressing the needs for security industry.
Godrej has graduated from simple lever and tumbler locks several years ago to modern, intelligent technologies. Please brief us about the security solutions business in India?
As challenges have advanced, so have solutions. Godrej Security Solutions believes it needs to constantly stay ahead and keep pace with the latest technology to meet growing needs.
Godrej Security Solutions Division, one of the divisions of Godrej & Boyce Mfg. Co. Ltd. and part of the US$ 2.8 billion Godrej Group, is the pioneer and leader in the business of security solutions for homes, offices, railways, airports, places of worship, institutions and industries. Godrej Security Solutions Division is the largest manufacturer of Security Solutions in India and has over 70% of the domestic market share. It is the largest supplier of security solutions to the banking industry, corporate and public institutions which include the Reserve Bank of India, State Bank of India, Siddhivinayak Temple, ISRO, Hyderabad International Airport, Mumbai International Airport, IOCL, and several other multinational companies and hotels. Godrej Security Solutions Division is the only company in India to offer a unique 4-prong approach of Security Audit, Security Consultancy, Comprehensive Security Solutions and Annual Maintenance Contract along with a wide range of security solutions comprising Physical Security Solutions, Premises Security solutions, Electronic security solutions, Marine Solutions, Home Security Solutions etc. For the first time in the category and in the industry, Godrej Security Solutions Division has been awarded with the Superbrand status. It has also won the “Most Preferred brand” award in the Home Segment. The division currently exports its products to over 45 countries including the Middle East Asia, South East Asia, Far East Asia, East Africa, US, Europe and the SAARC countries.
What are the total market size and your market share?
The total organized market share of the total security industry is about 1800 Crores and we have a 70% of Market Share in the Physical Security Business.
What about the annual turnover and your target for this year?
Last year we had a turnover of Rs. 400 crores and this year we have plans to achieve a turn over of Rs. 500 crores.
Can you highlight the major growth drivers for security solutions business?
The major Growth Drivers are the Premises Security Business and the International Business.
What are the issues need to be addressed that are related to your industry?
GSS Five Mantras for Intelligent Living:
•      Security starts at the drawing board stage – Buildings must be designed with security measures in mind depending on the Industry, type of building, topography, entry and exit points etc.
•      Complete audit of the premise to be done by an expert
•      Take an integrated approach rather than a piecemeal add-on approach – Move from products to solutions by investing in a bouquet of complimenting and carefully configured security products, as different products have different functions
•      Customized intelligent security solutions for individual situations – Every segment and premise have different security needs and the solutions which vary from one segment to another. Hence at Godrej Security Solutions, we understand your needs and suggest a solution accordingly
•      Annual Maintenance Contract – Regular maintenance is essential for smooth functioning of the security systems and their longer shelf life.
What are the products and solutions being introduced by your company for industrial security segment?
The integrated security solutions we offer are indicative of a wide range of Physical, Electronic and Premises Security Solutions for various levels of protection which ensure customers’ complete peace of mind. Our comprehensive range of security solutions include: Surveillance & monitoring Solutions, Scanning & Screening Solutions, Entrance control solutions, Perimeter intrusion detection systems, Fire alarms/Detection solutions, Explosive detections Solutions etc.
Can you discuss the features of ‘Man Trap’?
Man Trap automatically detects and denies entry to unauthorized people carrying weapons into secure areas and consists of two interlocking doors working in random with a highly sensitive and adjustable metal detector. The frame is divided into two separate compartments: one for entry and one for exit. Passage through each compartment is controlled by a set of two intercommunicating doors. Entry doors and exit doors are totally separate systems. Control of the doors is achieved through the use of exit devices, magnetic locks, infrared sensors, and a metal detector. A remote control panel for the unit provides status information for the system, allows override of all its functions, and provides two way communications between the operator and the user within the entry chamber.
What are your further expansion plans?
We are upgrading our product constantly with new technology so that we can offer our customers the best solutions, as Trouble never come announced and we want our customers to stay prepared with the latest technologically advanced solutions. On these lines have added a few products like Ground surveillance Radar, Vapour tracer, I-pec etc. to our portfolio.
Do you have any business set up in any other countries?
We are presently exporting our products to the USA, Canada, Europe, SAARC countries, the Middle East, South East Asia, and Africa.
It is learnt that Godrej is planning to submit a set of standards to the Government. Can you throw some light on this?
GSS has been safeguarding the security of our nation for decades and understands its security needs very closely. But it cannot do this alone. The problem that confronts us is huge and there so many factors to be considered. There is less information about what the real problem is and what could be done. There is no standard or guidelines that are found in industries like Food & Beverages, Drugs, and Insurance etc. These kinds of guidelines for the security industry exist only in certain developed countries. The solution to make India strong and secure from dangers within and external is to proactively set the ground rules for security of the nation. Looking upon itself as an essential safe keeper of the nation’s security, GSS has embarked on several initiatives that could bring about a much needed national approach for the industry. It recommends sensitization, forming of an independent body to set standards, authorizing certifying agencies to conduct periodic audits, research and implementation of case studies of other international security bodies. All industrial houses, public establishments to have an inbuilt security plan, trained manpower, vulnerability assessment to be made compulsory, special emphasis on metros for vulnerability assessment, exercises and audit to be conducted on preparedness by Anti Terrorist Squad (ATS).
Please brief us about the USP of your products.
Physiotronic Equipment: These are futuristic products which are also the need of the hour. ‘Physiotronic’ is the integration of electronic security with Physical/Premise security equipment. While there would be other vendors to provide individual products, what is really needed is a company that has the expertise and the experience in providing the appropriate customization of the system. Godrej sees this as a necessary and high growth area and has invested in a lot of R&D, strategic tie-ups and technological advancements in this segment. These products are particularly useful in intelligently monitoring and blocking various access points the moment a danger is suspected. This advanced range of Physiotronic products includes:
•     Under Vehicle Surveillance systems with Road Blockers
•     Access control systems like Face Detector, Iris Scanner, Finger Scanner, integrated with entry barrier solutions like Speedgates, Turnstiles, Flap Barriers etc.
•     IP based Video Analytic Surveillance System integrated with other premise/physical security equipment.

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