Hemant & Co.

High frequency pneumatic PVC welder 5 KW
High Frequency P. V. C. Welding Machines upto 20 K Watts.
Machineries for welding of vinyl fabrics for tensile structure    & awning.
Hot air seam sealing machines rainwears.
Our Products
•      High Frequency Pneumatic PVC Welder 5 K.W.
•      Radio Frequency Plastic Welder Vertical Model For Universal Use.
•      2 kw Table Model
High Frequency Pneumatic PVC Welder 5 K.W: Sound Pneumatic Press Big Work Plate. Sturdy Industrial Oscillator Tube. Electronic Overload Trip Unit for Tube Protection. Three sequence Timers (Preloading, welding, cooling) Overload Protection for Blower.
Radio Frequency Plastic Welder Vertical Model For Universal Use: This model is for common use and is ideal for beginners in the trade of  Plastic Welding Fabricators.  The model is sturdy and requires    negligible maintenance. The ladies also can be trained to operate this machine. No warm up period is required as the Solid State Rectifier System is used in this machine. The oscillator tube 833A / 833C installed in this machine is universally available. Free Preliminary Training in Mumbai can be imparted to the operator of our new customers. We also manufacture High Power Machine upto 15 K watts.
Hemant & Co.
5 Henna Apartment,
Malviya Road, Near Post Office
Vile Parle (E), Mumbai 400057 
Tel: +91-26146635 

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