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Hi Clean Industrial Vacuum Cleaners & HC Range Dust Collectors
Hi-Clean is well- known manufacturer of Industrial Vacuum Cleaner, Fume, Mist, Dust Collection, Systems, Floor Care & Cleaning Systems- Three Brush, Single Brush Machines & Special Purpose Dust, Vacuum and Floor Cleaning Systems etc.
Products: Hi clean industrial vacuum cleaners, Hc range dust collectors, Hc sump vacuum cleaners & high clean welding flux recovery system.
Hi Clean Industrial Vacuum Cleaners: Hi Clean Industrial Vacuum Cleaners are sturdy, compact and designed for convenience.
Features: Robust construction and sturdy design, Mobile mounted on wheels with brake, Maximum working efficiency, High performance continuously rated vacuum producer, Less maintenance, Accessories to suite customer specific application &  Portable & stationary models.
Hi-clean vacuum cleaners comes with small / large tank capacity, large filter area, fine mesh to collect minute dust particle, the speciality design shaker mechanism helps to collect the dust deposited on the filter bag thus ensures a enhanced performance of Vacuum cleaner. The dust tank can be easily disengaged by a simple lifting mechanism. It is easy to operate and with no maintenance at all.
HC Range Dust Collectors: The range of Hi-Clean Dust Collector unit has been designed and manufacture for the collection of scrap at source, dust from tool & cutter grinding machine, abrasive cut off machines, diamond polishing machine, compactly designed and made of high quality graded steel body. The unit is continuous duty and stationary type. It is easy to operate & needs practically no maintenance at all.
HC Sump Vacuum Cleaner: The Sump Vacuum Cleaner is mobile and very easy to operate. Extract coolant chips and swart from sumps, setting tank, machine tray and other source. Filter the coolant and retains clean coolant. Floating arrangement prevent overflow and can be used to clean up spillages and over flows from floor. The delivery pump helps to transfer the clean coolant, oil, liquid to barrels or other containers. The extracted clean coolant, oil, liquid etc. can be transfer immediately to other barrel or tank with the help of delivery pump Sump vacuum cleaner comes with standard accessories.
High Clean Welding Flux Recovery System: HC Welding Flux Recovery System recover all unfused flux removes slag or fused particles returns slag free, dust free flux to hopper, Increasing the productivity and profitability of submerged arc welding system, System removes fine dust during the recovery process. There by reducing welding rejects & speeding up production, the system comes with suitable flux recovery tool & Flux recovery hose to withstand high temp welding flux.
Hi Clean
301, Plot No. 10, Brahmin Society, Naupada
Thane – 400602, Maharashtra
Tel: +91-22-2539 4204

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