High–precision integrated mill turn center

Mori Seiki Co., Ltd. has announced the debut of X–class, which fills the needs of the times
The NTX1000 is an ideal choice for machining small precision parts for medical equipment and measuring instruments, which have complex shapes but need high–precision and high–efficiency machining.  The machine is designed to meet the diversified needs of customers with features including:
Original Technologies: The NTX1000 uses Mori Seiki’s original DDM (Direct Drive Motor), ORC (Octagonal Ram Construction) and BMT (Built–in Motor Turret) technologies, offering high–precision complete machining of small precision parts. 
High operability: The NTX1000 uses a rounded cover design, which is commonly used by the X–class machines.  Additionally, it offers improved operability by using a slanted keyboard. 
Space saving: The installation area has been reduced by approximately 40% compared to our conventional models.  The NTX1000 offers dramatically improved productivity per unit area. 
Measures against thermal displacement: As one of measures against thermal displacement, the NTX1000’s Spindle 1 is designed to always maintain its center in the same position, and its headstock structure is symmetrical to the X– and Y–axis directions from an anterior view.  In addition, the slideways of the ORC are located diagonally opposite each other so that their distortion in response to heat becomes symmetrical.  Since thermal displacement in the slideways is offset, the machine can maintain the center of the moving parts in the same position, achieving high–precision machining. 
MAPPS IV + ESPRIT: The NTX1000 uses the MAPPS IV high–performance operating system for its operation panel. The combination of automatic programming software (standard) and ESPRIT CAM software (standard) allows the machine to handle complex machining programming and to flexibly meet customer needs.  In addition, the 3D interference checking function (standard) checks interference between spindles, workpieces, soft jaws, tools, holders, and turrets in 3D.  If interference is detected, the machine stops, in both automatic and manual modes.  This offers the world’s best protection against interference. 
A wide variety of models: Eight models for different machining needs are available. Although they are general–purpose machines, each of them flexibly handles machining that is usually performed on special machines. They can be used instead of special machines.          
Variety of models (Total 8 models)

Chucker (C type)

Tailstock (T type)

Spindle 2 (S type)

Turret 2 (Z type)
Milling (M type)

Workpiece discharge
unit (W type)















Major specifications (NTX1000/SZ)



Max. turning diameter (Tool spindle/Turret 2)

φ 370 mm/φ 270 mm

Max. turning length

424 mm

Tool spindle travel (X/Y/Z)

380/210/460 mm

Max. spindle speed for Spindle 1 and 2

6,000 min-1

Max. tool spindle speed

12,000 [20,000] min-1

Tool storage capacity

38 [76]

Tool changing time (chip-to-chip)

5 sec.

Type of tool shank

Capto C5 [HSK-A50(T50)]

Number of tool stations on Turret 2


Rapid traverse rate (X/Y/Z)

40/40/50 m/min

Machine size (width/depth/height)

2,425/2,705/2,400 mm
Sridhar Ramisetti, Managing Director
Parimala Tower, # 64, Jalahalli Camp Cross, Off MES Road,
Yeshwanthpur, Bangalore 560 022, India.
Tel: +91-80-4089 6500, Fax: +91-80-4113 1285,

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