Hiren Industrial Corporation

Safety, Security & Traffic Equipments
Hiren Industrial Corporation is a manufacturers and exporters of Fire Fighting, Safety, Security & Traffic Equipments and Personal Protective Equipments.
Products: Fire Fighting & Fire Protection Equipments, Safety, Security & Traffic Equipments, Hydrant Valves, Hose Reel, Breathing Apparatus, Eye Wash Fountain &  Hand Gloves and Sprinkler Systems.
Safety, Security & Traffic Equipments Body Protection:
PVC Suit: Made out of leak proof, 0.2mm thick, heavy duty laminated bright yellow colour PVC material, Acid/Alkali proof. Suit consists of Hood with replaceable visor, free size pant and coat duly ventilated & available with zip or buttons.
Asbestos Suit: Made from Regular (S 20) asbestos fabric with heavy duty flannel pasted with synthetic solution. It consists of one piece overall, hood with replaceable visor, pair of Hand Gloves & Boots and also ideal for protection against heat.
Aluminized Glass Fiber Suits: Fire approach Suit consisting of hood, one piece Overall, gloves and Boots. The Company also offers Nuclear Biological Chemical Proof Suits (NBC Suits) like Gas Tight Suits/Chemical Splash/Tyke Gas tight etc. Suit made from fire retardant fabric.
Hand Protection:
Rubber Gloves: Industrial Rubber Hand Gloves Orange / Red Colour Superior quality acid and alkali proof sizes 10″ to 22″ long, made from natural rubber latex, heavy duty application in pharmaceutical, Fertilizers, Industries and chemical Plants.
PVC Gloves (Supported): PVC Yellow colour Hand Gloves (Supported) Cotton Lining inside, Best Quality gloves designed to give maximum resistance against Acid and Alkali’s, Oil, fat fuel, Printing inks, Inorganic Salts, Dyes, bleaching agent abrasive material, Steam and grease.
Foot Protection:
Gumboots: Gumboots are made from Acid/Alkali proof PVC or rubber, with/without fabric lining, in half or full size with anti-skid soles. Rubber gumboots can be available with steel Toe Cap also.
Leg Guards: Made of soft and even thickness leather with Velcro fastening for Protection against sparks during welding or in machine shop. For protection against heat or hot metal, asbestos leg guards are used.
Hiren Industrial Corporation
Office # 8, Krishna Kunj, 144/145 M. G. Road,
Rajawadi, Ghatkopar- 400077, Mumbai
Tel: +91-22-21027867
Fax: +91-22-21025447

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