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Maxon, a Honeywell Company offers a range of burners to address the varied needs of Steel industry. Special valves such as Maxon Safety shut off valves are ideal for demanding working conditions in the steel industry. These are metal to metal contact, quick shut, slow opening valves with tight shut capabilities. Hence they require minimum maintenance and have longer life. These valves are designed with precise micro-lapped seats and are engineered and tested for life cycles of 1,000,000 closures.
MAXON valves and WIDERANGE® or MULTIFIRE® burners are often used to heat other systems with waste coke oven gas. MAXON KINEMAX® burners are often used to cure the refractory linings of the coke ovens when they’re rebuilt.
Forge furnaces are often used to create wrought iron. All of MAXON’s furnace burners have been used for forge furnaces including VORTIFLARE®, WIDE-RANGE®, MULTIFIRE®, and KINEMAX®. The Company now also has the Oxytherm TITAN for ladle preheating applications.
The molten steel is poured in to finished forms in a device called a continuous caster or batch caster. Here the liquid steel is poured in to forms for billets or bars. Once solid, these shapes become the raw material which processing mills use to make I-beams, channel steel, plate steel, sheet steel, bar and all other forms of steel stock. MAXON OXY-THERM® burners and SMARTFIRE™ have recently been used to created one of the world’s most advanced billet reheat furnaces to form billets into cast seamless drill pipe for oil exploration.
Maxon OVENPAK® burners are used on the galvanizing lines and Color Coated sheet manufacturing lines.
These advanced capabilities of Maxon products make them an obvious choice for all the leading steel makers in India. Here Maxon’s smart engineered combustion systems have been successfully deployed and have been instrumental in attaining high efficiency, reliability and performance in steel manufacturing process.
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