Industrial Cleaning Products for Dynamic Growth

Today, cleanliness is one of the most important quality aspects and competitive factors for every industry. The increasing awareness about this aspect has resulted increases in demand for cleaning solutions. Here we highlight the importance of cleanliness and few of the cleaning machines available in the Indian market
“Cleanliness is next to Godliness”. And from the industries perspective, every industry, be it small or big, needs cleaning facilities. It is needless to mention that no industry can sustain for long without the effective employment of proper and timely cleaning services. Be it aerospace, aviation, automotive, pharmaceuticals, sugar, textile, food & beverages; the efficient cleaning systems are of immense importance. The cleanliness within the manufacturing facilities enhances safety of machineries involved, increases production capacity, increases longevity of production facility, enhances quality of production and presents healthy and safe working environment for workers.
Industrial cleaning includes everything from cleaning of machineries & parts, swiping of floors to cleaning of office space and common areas etc. Unlike house cleaning, industrial cleaning needs specialized and professional approach. Besides, as the issues related to environment are gaining huge significance, it becomes the duty of every industrial body to follow the stringent norms and regulations related to industrial cleaning/maintenance. Further, as the services of facility management companies are well recognized in almost every industry, it is somehow the responsibility of facility managers to maintain cleanliness by employing most–suitable cleaning equipment.
Today, cleanliness is one of the most important quality aspects and competitive factors in manufacturing and Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) fields. The increasing awareness about this aspect has resulted increases in demand for cleaning solutions worldwide. India, being one of the fastest growing industrialized countries, is not an exception. However, as price is one of the prime concerns for the industry in India, the cost–effective cleaning solutions are in demand.
Here we will discuss about few of the equipment under different categories available in the Indian market:
Industrial Vacuum Cleaner
Today, a lot of industrial vacuum cleaning machines are available in the Indian markets which are enough to meet the industry needs. Depending upon the requirement, one can opt for a suitable cleaning machine keeping the cleaning capacity in mind.
Cleantek: Cleantek, a MNC engaged in the manufacturing and exporting of high technology cleaning products offers a wide range of high performance industrial vacuum cleaner that includes battery operated vacuum cleaner, single phase vacuum cleaner and three phase vacuum cleaner. Incorporation of advanced technology parts in its industrial vacuum cleaner assures high efficiency. Low power consumption, easy operation and no maintenance cost are some of the salient features of Cleantek’s Industrial vacuum cleaner.
Dynavac: Coimbatore based Dynavac is into designing vacuum cleaners, dust collectors, blowers and other similar industrial cleaning equipment. Established in 1989, Dynavac was one of the first manufacturers of indigenously built industrial vacuum cleaners in India. Dynavac machines are built for heavy duty industrial cleaning and collection of various types & sizes of dust, waste, raw material etc.
Industrial Scrubbing Machines
Industrial scrubbing machines are either electric powered or petrol engine powered. These machines are designed to perform faster scrubbing and reach every corner of the workplace.
Santoni Electric Co.: Santoni offers a wide range of standardized cleaning equipment and services of custom designed equipment related to the industrial cleaning. The products offering include industrial vacuum cleaners, floor Scrubbers, and auto–scrubbers.
MULTISCRUB, a multipurpose machine offered by Santoni is a feature filled sturdy machine, with state–of–the–art technology. This machine can not only scrub the floors, it can be used for removal of impacted oily/greasy muck from industrial floors.
Energy Solution: Energy Solution is engaged in the importing and supplying of superior quality industrial cleaning equipment. The Company is one of the principal suppliers of wholesale scrubber dryers.
Automatic scrubber driers offered by Energy Solution are of superior quality and highly reliable. Its effortless usage even in the narrow spaces makes it distinguished from other driers. One can avail a wide variety of models depending upon the requirement and application. Features of auto scrubber drier offered by Energy Solution include automatic battery charger; easy handling; low maintenance; and extremely durable.
Industrial Sweeping Machines
Industrial sweeping machines are used for big area sweeping needs. Apart from its use in large manufacturing facilities, these sweepers are used to maintain big parking lots and office spaces. Industrial sweeping machines are available in two types, namely walk behind sweepers and ride–on sweepers. Generally, ride–on sweepers are more powerful and faster than the other one.
Amsse Products India: It is an ISO 9001–2008 certified company that deals in industrial cleaning machines. Its products include cleaning machines, industrial vacuum cleaners, sweeping machines, and scrubber machine. Amsse Products offers both walk behind sweepers and ride–on sweepers.
Ride–on Sweeping machine CS120 D has been designed to ensure comfortable driving conditions for the operator and best accessibility for ordinary maintenance procedures. According to Amsse, it is best for medium and large surfaces, perfect for warehouses or bigger industries cleaning needs.
Kam–Avida Enviro Engineers: Pune based Kam–Avida Enviro Engineers is a dedicated group committed to the task of bringing about mechanization in the areas of cleaning and maintenance. Kam–Avida is an ISO:9001 company. Kamsweep 3 AT, the cleaning machine offered by Kam–Avida is used for sweeping of commercial/industrial roads highways with a sweeping capacity of 5–7 kms/hr. fitted with hydraulic unloading/emptying of the collection hopper.

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