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BRITOSS range of chemicals
Stainless Steel Pickling & Passivation Chemicals for chemical plants & pressure vessels, pharma plants & machinery, heat exchangers, petrochemical plants, pipelines fabrication, and every type of SS fabrication. The BRITOSS range of products is extremely ideal for cleaning weld joints for all grades of stainless steel fabrications. Salient features of the use of BRITOSS on SS fabrication/ equipment are mentioned as under:
Chemical cleaning is complete, total and nearly fumeless.  Confirm to requirements of IS 10117 & ASM A 380 Specn. Completely FREE FROM CHLORIDES. Extremely safe for workmen and operators. Contains anti-fuming & wetting agents, surfactants and corrosion inhibitors. The treatment removes built-in corrosion spots, black spots, black stains from weld-joints. The treatment leaves a uniform, bright, shining and smooth surface, with added corrosion resistance. The chemical & physical properties of the metal remain unchanged. Minimum wire brushing is required on applying of BRITOSS.
BRITOSS range consists of the following products:
BRITOSS-G: Viscous, brushable gel for all types of surfaces & welds. Recommended for vertical/horizontal and rooftop weld cleaning.
BRITOSS-S: Sprayable viscosity, can be spayed by plastic spray pumps. Recommended for vertical & horizontal weld cleaning.
BRITOSS-D: Recommended for smaller components cleaning by dipping.
S-PASS:  Used for passivation of pickled & cleaned stainless steel.
Sequence Of Cleaning Process / Operation:
Pre-Clean the Surface by wiping with 5 % solution of Degreaser – SP. Completely remove all oil grease / Dirt / Dust / Rust from the surface Apply BRITOSS – G  or BRITOSS – S  liberally by Brush / Spray application Allow the chemical to react with the welded surface for 10 – 20 min In case of Electric Arc Welding , allow 20 – 30 Minutes to react. After this reaction period, Rub gently with wire brush / plastic brush Wash with running water or wipe/ Swab with wet cloth till the surface shines Completely air dry the surface and spray S- Pass.
Recommended uses of BRITOSS
For petrochemical plant equipment, pipe lines, jacketed vessels, tools & gauges, machined components , heavy chemical industries, oil & gas refineries, chemical pharmaceutical & pesticides plants, etc. for maintenance of stainless steel fabrication & equipment viz: pressure vessels, reactors, condensers, heat exchangers filters stirrers, bridge construction heavy structural fabrications, sugar, food , cement & steel  plants.
Limited warranty:
Information & recommendations given in this literature are based  on our experiments and findings which we believe to be true and reliable. Users are suggested to ascertain  applications of these products prior to subjecting them to their actual use.  Since the actual/field applications of Sclean products are beyond direct control of the seller, seller makes no warranty, expressed/implied, nor accepts any responsibility other than replacement of defective materials.
BRITOSS range of products is available in 1 & 5 kg packings. Effluent treatment of BRITOSS range chemicals is merely by pH adjustments to the neutral pH Range 6.5 to 8.5. This may be easily done by addition of lime water
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