Kaeser Compressors is one of the leading manufacturers of air compressors and compressed air accessories.  Sigma Profile, developed by KAESER achieves power savings of up to 15 per cent compared with conventional screw airend rotor profiles. Nitin Yadwad, General Manager at Kaeser Compressor India, talks about this technology and highlights the company’s footsteps in IndiaKAESER Compressor at a glanceKaeser Compressors (India) Pvt. Ltd. headquartered at Pune is a 100 per cent subsidiary of Kaeser Kompressoren Gmbh, Germany who are the world’s leading manufacturer of air compressors and compressed air accessories. Kaeser Kompressoren Gmbh is more than 90 years old company having 42 subsidiaries, 70 branch offices and numerous distributors worldwide. Its wide range of products are sold in more than 90 countries.
Product rangeKaeser range of products are well engineered and known for their quality since decades. Kaeser has engaged in full-fledged research & development on their products, which has enabled us to bring out the best products using the advanced technology time to time. Our product range gives customers a flexibility to choose entire portfolios related to compressed air treatment at one go.• Rotary Screw Compressor both oil injected & dry screw type • Rotary Blowers• Booster Compressors – for pet bottle application• Air Managers – for controlling compressors min 4 to max. 16• Air dryers – refrigeration type, up to a dew point of +3° C• Heatless regenerative type, up to a dew point of -70° C• Filters & moisture separators • High pressure air filters up to working pressure of 40 bar• No air loss electronic sensor Level based condensate drains.
KAESER Sigma ProfileDeveloped by KAESER and continuously enhanced ever since, the KAESER Sigma Profile achieves power savings of up to 15 percent compared with conventional screw airend rotor profiles. All KAESER rotary screw airends feature this energy-saving rotor profile and are designed to ensure maximum energy efficiency. The generously-sized, precision-aligned roller bearings and close-tolerance machining guarantee long service life and outstanding reliability.
Energy saving controllers: SIGMA ControlThe SIGMA Control automatically regulates and monitors the compressor. It is a robust PC-based industrial computer with real-time operating system and update capability. System operating status can be viewed at a glance via user-friendly ‘traffic light’ LEDs. The four-line plain text display, touch keys and icons ensure ease of operation. In case of an alarm the safety shutdown sequence immediately switches the compressor off. The SIGMA Control offers the possibility of Dual, Quadro and Vario Control modes and the most efficient mode can be determined directly on site using the programmable compressor duty cycle display feature. Interfaces are provided as standard for connection of a modem, a second compressor in base load sequencing mode
Energy-saving 1:1 driveThe motor and airend are joined by the coupling and its housing to form a compact and durable unit that is virtually maintenance-free. Furthermore reliability and service life are increased through elimination of wear and transmission losses, as 1:1 drive reduces the number of components needed in comparison with gear drive.Low speed operationLarge, low speed airends are more efficient than small high speed airends because they supply more air for the same drive power. Low speeds mean less wear and consequently less maintenance costs.
Powerful radial fanThe quiet and powerful radial fan draws in cool ambient air through the cooler. Its high residual thrust can deal with partial clogging of the cooler and still have enough reserve to allow connection of a long exhaust duct. In addition, the radial fan consumes significantly less drive power than conventional axial fans, saving even more energy.
Sigma Air ManagerCompressed air offers significant energy-saving potential – firstly through the selection of high-efficiency components and secondly, and perhaps most importantly, through systematic optimisation of the entire compressed air system. On average, savings of up to 30 percent can be achieved. For that reason compressed air plays a key role in any energy management system.
As a powerful all-in-one master control system, the Sigma Air Manager not only enhances efficiency of the compressed air system as a whole, but also enables detailed documentation of compressed air and energy consumption through the use of its Sigma Air Control Plus auditing and documentation software. Able to continuously update all necessary data, this advanced system is the perfect tool for performing annual inspection and certification of energy management systems in accordance with EN 16001.
It’s impressive to see how an intelligent standard product can optimise the efficiency of a complex compressed air system and also meet the rigorous requirements of EN 16001.
Trends in compressors technology We see majority of India buyers are looking out for Screw Compressors with compressors having higher efficiency in terms of power saving, as they are aware that the capital cost is negligible when compared to that of the running cost of a compressor. We as a compressor manufacturer look towards reducing the running cost of compressor. In Kaeser compressor, to achieve better efficiency and reduce power cost we have stared upgrading our motors to IE3 motor supper efficient motor.
To help customers select the exact requirement, we also conduct Air Demand Analysis. By doing this analysis customer would have a clear picture on his exact requirement and they can avoid over sizing of compressor, indirectly save power and money.
Features and applications of KAESER Blowers KAESER Blowers are used in a wide range of applications, such as oil-free conveying of gases and bulk materials, sewage treatment (aeration and filter cleaning), liquid homogenisation and forced air for combustion equipment.
Renowned throughout the world for efficiency and durability, KAESER’s compact blower blocks are the result of decades of experience in blower manufacture and design. Nearly all blocks are available in two or three-lobe design versions. All KAESER blocks are suitable for operation up to 1,000 mbar (g). This means that the smallest and most efficient block can be chosen for any particular application, which is not only a benefit in terms of investment cost, but also significantly reduces operating costs, as smaller, fast-turning blocks are more efficient than larger slowturning models. In addition, the faster airflow of the smaller blocks provides more effective cooling, consequently enhancing durability still further.
Business network and expansion plansWe are located in most parts of India and are further expanding on fast track basis by recruiting engineers and appointing dealers in areas were presence in not available.
We have also increased our stock of compressors at our Pune plant to reduce the lead time on order. We have also started manufacturing blowers in India without any compromise in quality.
After-sales servicesWe have very good infrastructure with trained service team for after sales support.

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