Kakatiya Energy Systems Ltd.

Kakatiya Energy Provides Lighting Controls
Kakatiya Energy Systems Ltd. is a clean-tech company engaged in offering lighting controls for energy efficiency in lighting. It is a pioneer in the field of innovative lighting control based on a patented unique infrared sensing and advanced micro controller technology offering switching and dimming solutions for indoor and outdoor applications.
Automatic Outdoor Lighting Control: Kakatiya Energy has developed dedicated automation devices based on infrared sensing technology and digital timing for all the different areas of automation. All the models offer automatic switch ON at dusk once the ambient illumination goes below 60 lux. The Company also offers a unique product for HID Lamp dimming to realize higher energy conservation during non peak hours.
NATURE SWITCH-01 offers a standard switch OFF at dawn on sensing the illuminance level to be above 10 lux. This model can handle a load of up to 16 Amp at 230 V AC. The Company has special models operating at 12V DC and at 110 V AC. Nature Switch-01 applications are used for automatic control of aviation obstruction lighting (tower light).
NATURE SWITCH-02 offers an additional facility of switching OFF during the night time itself with out waiting for the DAWN. This model will be more appropriate for those lamps which can be switched OFF during the night itself. The selection facility is based on duration from DUSK.
SWADEEP-02EC series offers all the facilities available in SWADEEP-02 and can handle higher loads in single phase (3kW/5kW/8kW) as well as loads distributed in three phases (5kW/8kW/12kW).
SIGN SWITCH offers an automatic switching solution for signages with the needed selectable option for duration. This model offers automatic switching OFF after the expiry of any time from 2 to 6 hours with a resolution of half-an-hour.
SAVE SWITCH offers automatic dimming of HID lamps like HPSV or MH lamps by up to 40% during late night or non peak hours. The model offers an easy fitment even for retrofit segment. Save Switches are for use in automation of HID lamp dimming.
Kakatiya Energy Systems Ltd.
3-6-272, 3rd Floor, N.V.K.Towers,
Himayathnagar, Hyderabad – 500029,
Andhra Pradesh.
Tel: +91-40-2326 2540
Fax : 0091-40-2326 2550

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