Klarol oil cleaning systems

Get rid of huge maintenance burdens and expenses towards oil purchase. Now we have in India a product from Germany which will help you reduce breakdowns, leakages and maintenance on your machines which use hydraulic/lubricating oils.
Klarol Systems (filtration+dehydration combo systems), a patented product from Germany, is one of the best products in the Indian market for zero oil maintenance. It is the most efficient as it can clean 100 per cent solid and moisture contamination from oil.  The systems can clean oil to super clean levels (NAS 2) which is 10 times better than the new oil. Klarol products reduce maintenance expenditure by 50 per cent and consume zero power while in operation. These can be fitted both online and offline to oil tanks of various machines.
The product is available as online fixed type systems and trolley-type mobile carts. Both the schemes have similar cleaning capabilities. Although for critical applications, we recommend Online Fixed Type installations as oil cleaning becomes 24×7 and is maintained at that level.
Typically recommended for all injection moulding machines, CNCs, rolling mills, test beds, etc. For areas where oil cleaning is not that critical, one can select mobile type Klarol System which can be rotated in schedule manner to clean the oil in different oil tanks.
Klarol Systems can clean hydraulic oil, lubricating oil, turbine oil, thermic fluid, transformer oil, compressor oil, quenching oil, neat cutting oil, gear oil etc. and are useful for – steel, power plant, heavy engineering, machine shop, press, plastic, rubber, textile etc. common fitments are possible on injection moulding, press, rubber moulding, steel rolling, turbine, cnc, component testing, diesel engines, compressors, earth moving machines, gear boxes, etc.
Certifications: Shell, castrol, quatest 3, L&T demag
Testimonials: Tata Steel, Tata Motors, Mahindra, Nilkamal, Jain Irrigation, Honda, L&T, Jindal, Bhushan Steel and many more.
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