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By making our industry and our OEMs more competitive, we will help boost the “Make in India” initiative.
 A.T.E. Enterprises is a company with product platforms that leverage IoT technology for remote monitoring of plants and equipment. The company has specific product offerings for several sectors like power plants, sugar mills, and several other industries.
Technology developed by A.T.E. Enterprises has been used by many plant owners to achieve operational excellence by tracking and improving operations, maintenance, equipment health, availability and energy/resource consumptions thus vastly impacting both the top and bottom lines.
Further, products developed by A.T.E. Enterprises are being deployed by OEMs as they find they can manage their installed base much better with our products and create value for their customers.
In an interview with OEM Update, Vinod Vaswani, COO, A.T.E Enterprises shares views about his company and the ‘Make in India’ initiative.
High productivity more significant than low cost labour Raising an important point, Mr Vaswani says, “In order to maintain a competitive edge over other countries, it is imperative that manufacturing sector in India should be perceived in the global market as not only one that leverages competitive labour cost, but one that is highly productive by adopting the best technologies.”
Business-friendly policies are essentialMr Vaswani  feels policies, people and power are the 3Ps that will make or break this big dream. He says, “It is absolutely important for the government to have business friendly policies both in terms of setting up businesses and also running them. We need very quickly to invest in our physical infrastructure in urban as well as rural areas.”
Dearth of skilled personnel also needs to be addressed with investment in education and education. Availability of energy is also a key issue very high up there on the challenge list. “It is impossible to manufacture at a high quality level without adequate high reliability power,” Mr Vaswani added.
Make cities work betterSpeaking about efficient utilisation of energy, Mr Vaswani says, “The government needs to work on simplifying the business rules that need to be followed while ensuring their full compliance. A simple indirect tax mechanism would help a lot; as would very quick redress of issues in the courts. Making our cities work better would help a lot in saving time lost in commuting and in having a more rested and energetic workforce. Energy efficiency is another key challenge that needs to be addressed through a continuous on-going program enabling a long term and sustainable energy eco-system.”
SuperAxisTM is a great platformA.T.E.’s SuperAxis platform provides plant owners a decision support platform to continuously measure, analyse and improve operational effectiveness and energy efficiencies and achieve operational excellence.
The company offers ready solutions for plant owners and equipment OEMs in the field of thermal power, renewable energy, plastics, printing and packaging and many more industries. “All this can help make the ‘Make in India’ dream a sustained success,” assures Mr Vaswani.
“With a strong ‘Make in India’ initiative, our markets will only expand faster. By making our industry and our OEMs more competitive, we will help boost the “Make in India” initiative,” he concludes. 

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