Lester & Dynamiks (India)

Industrial Process Equipment from Lester & Dynamiks
Lester & Dynamiks is one of the prominent manufacturers and exporters of heavy duty industrial process equipment. Available robust facilities have resulted into the products that are a perfect amalgamation of high quality, improved efficiency, safety and reliability.
Industrial Process Equipment
Ribbon Blenders: Lester & Dynamiks deals in ribbon blenders which are mixing devices comprising helical ribbon shaped blades rotating close to the edge of a U-shaped vessel used for relatively high viscosity fluids and dry blends.
Heat Exchangers: The Company deals in an array of high performance heat exchangers which are made of top graded material. For area, the heat exchangers are available from 25 sq. m. to 500 sq. m. and for length it is upto 8 meters. It is also available in single and multi pass types. The exchangers are manufactured as per TEMA and U tube bundle for re-boiler.
Pressure Vessel: Lester & Dynamiks manufactures an assortment of pressure vessel that are made of qualitative MS and SS. The range of pressure vessels are designed to keep liquids/gases at a specific temperature and pressure which is different from atmospheric pressure. Available in range of technical specification the capacity of the vessel varies between 0.5 KL to 50 KL and has 4 meters of diameter.
Distillation Column: Available in different length, type and diameter its range of distillation columns is widely appreciated in the market. The maximum length of the columns is 18 meters with a diameter of 3.5 meters and available in packed, bubble cap and sieve tray types.
Chemical Agitators: Lester & Dynamiks is one of the foremost manufacturers of precision engineered agitators, which are used in various industries such as pharmaceutical, chemical and allied industries.
Chemical Centrifuge: The range of centrifuges is made using qualitative material such as SS 316, halar & PFA coated. This equipment is available in two sizes 24″ and 60″ and of two types, top discharge and beg lifting types.
Lester & Dynamiks (India)
Plot No. 23, Sector 2, Vasai Taluka Industrial Co-op.,
Estate Ltd, Vasai (East),
Mumbai- 401 208 Maharashtra
Tel: +91-250-2454735
Fax: + 91-250-2455241
l_n_d@vsnl.com, lester_n_dynamiks@yahoo.com

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