Lift Arts

Safety nets, wire rope slings, shackles
A leading manufacturer of industrial and construction safety nets, wire rope slings, chain slings, polyester flat belt type slings, round endless slings, cargo nets, rope ladders, safety equipment, chain accessories, alloy steel chain, hooks & shackles etc. We have wide range of Helmets, Safety Harnesses, Work Positioning Harnesses, Lanyards, Fall Arrestors, Connectors and Retrieval Devices which user friendly and modern, enhance by superior strength and increased durability. All these products are customized to buyer requirements with PLC- controlled automated processes ensuring that there is zero variation in product manufactured.
Eye Protection
We provide a comprehensive range of Safety Goggles and Spectacles which have utmost characteristics like high impact scratch resistant lens, UV protection, anti fog lens, Light weight, virtually unbreakable, meets to CE and EN 166 standards. We have a wide range these safety goggles for different industrial uses like Chemical Splash Goggles, Safety goggles for welding and Construction workers.
Ear Protection
We have a wide range of Ear protection Ear Muffs and Ear Plugs. Ear Muffs are highly flexible with 360 degree rotating headband wide asymmetric cup openings. These are user friendly as personal adjustment is very easy by simply slide the cups up & down. These can be worn for long duration due to the low headband pressure and specially designed cushions. Helmet mounted Ear Muffs are designed to offer superior noise attenuation combined with long-term wearer comfort.
Face Protection
We have face shields which are easy to use and can be mounted on helmets or can be worn out with a Ratchet head suspension. These are made of Polycarbonate visor available in clear or Gold Plated. We have welding Shields which are extremely light in weight provides comfort as well as protection during welding operations. Face shields are widely used in the Metal & steel cutting, Spray painting works, Chemical industries, Grinding works, Welding works and Petroleum industries.
Lift Arts
74, P.D. Mello Road,
Opp. Princess Dock Red Gate,
Mumbai, 400 009

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