Maclifton Micro 9-M Aerial Lift [Feb 2012]

Shalimar Engg. Co. has recently introduced their latest version of Micro Aerial Lift mounted on a compact Mahindra Pick up truck for the first time in India. This Articulated Boom Aerial lift features a three Boom configuration making it excellent for working in tight spaces and in close quarters. The fly boom design also enables the operator to start operating the boom right away.
The Micro Aerial lift is a two man capacity lift featuring 9m working height, 4.5m horizontal reach, and 360 degrees rotation. Safety features like hose rupture valves, dual boom controls, pilot check valves on stabilisers, Interlocks between Stabilisers and Boom etc. have been provided. Minute details like provision of triple locks on pins to prevent them from loosening and causing accidents have been given attention too.
These Aerial lifts find application in aircraft maintenance, electrical utility Services, tree cutting, underbridge inspection etc. The micro aerial lifts are tailor made for aircraft maintenance and for use in narrow by lanes by electricity utility companies for maintenance of street lights.
Mac-Lifton Hydraulic Aircraft Maintenance PlatformMac-Lifton hydraulic platform are used generally in all airlines and projects for overhead maintenance jobs. The size of the platform is generally 6m length x 2.3m width platform. It also has a hydraulic extension, which can travel 2.1m forward and backward. The capacity of the platform is 1,350 kgs and on extension it is 500 kgs. The platform can be operated from three positions: from truck cabin, platform top and at base of the truck. The side of the platform is covered with one meter railings with opening at the back and for entry a convenient ladder is provided to get in and out, and an opening on the side to move any material if required.
There are four stabilizers, which are given for this platform, which are all hydraulic. Without its use the platform would not function; provision is also given to start the truck engine from the platform or off it whenever required as an added safety feature. The platform when fully extended travels to a height of 32 feet (platform height) i.e., working height is 37 feet. It reaches this height by virtue of multiple scissors vehicle on which it is mounted is (2.1 TATA 1112/42) with P.T.O observation window is also provided in drivers cabin on the top as an additional safety feature. All the latest features are incorporated in this hydraulic platform.
Safety FeaturesSome of the key safety features are, a lock valve mounted on each hydraulic cylinder, warning lights in cab to indicate stabilizer and platform position, four hydraulically operated stabilizer, Hydraulic pressure switch that prevents the platform from raising unless stabilizers are down.  Additionally, the Hydraulic valve does not allow stabilizers to retract unless the platform is fully lowered.  It also comes with an emergency stop switch, Interlock between platform, extension and lowering of the platform, to prevent lowering of platform when extended; engine start/ stop switch at platform, Interlock to prevent switching on engine from platform when vehicle is not in neutral, emergency call switch on platform, audio alarm to indicate lowering of platform.  The hallmark of this product is that it is fully indigenously developed by Shalimar Engineering Company.
Contact:Shalimar Engg Co.14/A, Ground Floor, Sanjay Soc., Opp. Century Bazar, Mumbai-400025Tel: +91-22-24312141,  Fax: +91-22-24221309E-mail: maclifton@mtnl.net.in

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