MAZAK 3D LASERS Innovation in Structural Fabrication [Mar 2012]

Yamazaki Mazak India Pvt Ltd, one of the leaders in the machine tool industry, has a new dimension with to extend and strengthen its foray into the world of laser cutting
Yamazaki Mazak started the production of laser processing machines in the 1980’s. Ever since, Mazak has concentrated on producing the most advanced machines available, capable of cutting thin work pieces, cubic work pieces, pipe and structural material all with high-speed and high-accuracy. This is made possible by using the latest machine tool and CNC technology with CAD/CAM software while focusing on overall ergonomic machine design
With one of the most diversified product lines in the machine tool industry, was about time the company established its footprint in laser cutting – a gradually rising segment in the metal cutting industry. The company has state-of-the-art technology centre at Sanaswadi in Pune.
Structural Fabrication: Key factors – Cost V/s Completion Period For any structural fabrication project, major key factors are ‘estimated project completion period V/s actual completion period’ and ‘estimated project cost V/s actual Project cost after completion of project’.
Major contributions to these two key factors are manpower, infrastructure (as cranes, hoists for material movement etc) and assembly time as welding and finishing operations. These are personated skill oriented with dependency on skilled manpower. Eventually it adds to extension in assembly process and finally to overall cost of project completion.
Mazak 3D Lasers Technology: Revolution in Structural FabricationUnique Mazak 3D multi axes laser cutting machines supported by Mazak advanced CAD CAM systems have proved revolution in fabrication of heavy structures as stadiums, towers, airports, factories etc.
Mazak has developed an exceptional method in which tabs and slots are accurately designed and laser cut into pipes and channels. 3D CAD/CAM soft wares have unique features to develop such complicated pipe joints in no time. These tabs and slots when joined with each other, produces an extremely tight joint fit when assembled.
Using this method, several pipe components can be assembled that forms rigid structural elements which considerably reduce the time required for building structure / trusses completion.
Users of Mazak 3D laser machines are innovatively creating Mega structures worldwide and are widening their business horizons to new levels with every project.
Mazak’s method of building trusses and pipe joints by using interlocks of tabs and slots followed by precise cutting on 3D laser machine had proved that total project completion period can be reduced by 40 per cent and total project cost can be reduced by 35 percent.
New method introduced by Mazak has proved to be time and manpower saving in terms of design and development cost which has been taken care by machine CAD CAM Software. Secondly, the manual multifold operations as cutting pipes to required length, end preperations by drilling/grinding/milling, preparing assembly fixtures, machining of pipe ends, are completely replaced by single 3D laser cutting machine. Laser cutting as no doubt is always quicker and faster with non dependency on skilled man power.
Last process of manual assembly of pipes using assembly fixtures and welding is completely removed by interlocks with tabs and slots. The complete structure can be erected without welding. Final process requires only TAG welding at required places which also reduces welding time, thermal deformations and finishing / grinding operations.
3D Lasers and CAD/CAM Systems:  Unfolds new page in Mazak’s Success StoriesMazak has proudly mentioned that, “Users of Mazak 3D laser machines are innovatively creating mega structures worldwide and are widening their business horizons to new levels with every project”.
Yamazaki Mazak can offer a series of multi axes 3D and 2D+3D lasers which supports vast industry segments such as general engineering, earthmoving, automobile, aerospace, medical and food processing, power and energy sector, switchgear and last but not least structural fabrication.

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