Micrologic Integrated Systems Pvt. Ltd.

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Micrologic Integrated Systems Pvt. Ltd. provides Test and Automation solutions to manufacturing, R&D companies in diverse verticals, to help enhance their productivity and quality. It provides complete solutions in automated test engineering, Data acquisition, Instrumentation and Test & Measurement Software development and consultancy.
Automated Test System – Automotive Speed Sensor: Speed sensor acquires the speed data of an automobile and converts it into electrical signals to be read on the instrument cluster. The Automated test system for speed sensor, consists of a fixture to load the sensor in place, a servo motor coupled to the sensor simulates the speed to be tested at.
Automated In-process Test System for Automotive Instrument Clusters: Instrument Cluster is a dashboard component used in Automobile. The test system developed is a customized ATE for in-process testing of various parameters in the instrument cluster, automatically. The instrument cluster consists of RPM meter, Fuel gauge, Temperature gauge, Oil Pressure gauge, Voltmeter, set of Telltale lamps (indication lamps) and either an Analogue or Digital Hour Meter.
Data Acquisition and control for a solar power plant: A solar power plant typically consists of a string of solar cells called modules, which converts solar energy to electrical energy, then stored in batteries.  The DC power from batteries is converted to AC using inverters or power conditioning units then distributed for utility. To generate higher power arrays of solar modules are connected and huge banks of batteries are used.
Camera Based Automated Inspection System for LCD and Dial panel: Camera based automated inspection system for testing electronic automotive clusters in the assembly process was developed to enhance productivity of the process by introducing automation in inspection, where human interference is minimized.
Audit Tester for Automotive Instrument Cluster: Audit test is a portable system to test an automotive cluster at the end of production line.  This system allows the user to choose a particular test and run to obtain a go, no-go indication. Allows to Choose any part number. Performs test on tell tales and Speedo, tachometers.
Micrologic Integrated Systems Pvt. Ltd.
#1370 A,4th Cross, Nehru Road,
Girinagar 2nd Phase, Bangalore – 560 085, Karnataka.
Tel: +91-80-2672 3299, 2672 1681,
Fax: +91-80-2672 1681, 2642 6561.

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