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NANDAN Enterprises supplies Material Handling Equipment
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in 1990 as Nandan Enterprises manufacturing a handful of specialized
products, have now grown into the Nandan Group, building a reputation as
a single-shop solutions vendor with a proven record of innovation and
product quality. Its group company, Nandan Ground Support Equipment (P)
Ltd., is one of the premier designers and manufacturers of not just
Aviation Ground Support Equipment but also a wide and diverse range of
other products.
Products (Material Handling Equipment):
NANDAN provides single scissor, double scissor as well as telescopic
cylinder type lifts. Some of the variations are with cages, doors,
shutters, powerpack locations, etc. They are also energy efficient and
have standby safety features like pilot check valves, positive actions,
etc. Vertical travel up to 17m is possible with the hydraulic elevator
after which a positive traction system can be installed.
Scissor Lift:
Advantages of low collapsed height, ease of use, no overhead
mechanisms, low power consumptions, etc make Scissor Lifts perfectly
suited for a variety of applications. Some typical applications are: car
lift, dock lift, material handling, die loading, storage and automated
welding systems. NANDAN offers scissor lifts from 200 kg to 20,000 kg
Truck Mounted Manlift: Scissor
lift on truck can find variety of applications. Tunnel construction,
tunnel maintenance, bridge repair, light bulb changing, etc are the
various application areas of the manlift. Single, double or three
scissor mechanism makes it a versatile equipment with capacity of up to
2000kg and lifted height of up to 12m. Higher lifts of up to 20m can be
easily executed.
Cantilevered Freight Lift:
NANDAN has introduced the telescopic conveyor for loading and unloading
of packages from inside shipping containers up to 40’. With the
logistics pushing for faster systems of loading and unloading this is a
boon for industries like couriers, logistics, cement, grains, foodstuff,
Heavy Scissor Lifts:
NANDAN can manufacture heavy scissor lifts upto 40-50 ton capacity and
upto a height of 6 m. These are special engineered products
Towing Scissor Lift:
NANDAN manufactures scissor lifts that is built on trolleys that is
manually towable. This is an inexpensive start to a safe handling at
height when the self propelled versions become expensive.
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NANDAN Enterprises
C-15 Nanddham Industrial Estate,
Marol Maroshi Road,
Mumbai 400059.
Tel: +91-22-2920-6582/ 7309
Fax: +91-22-6693-68-78

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