New radio-wave probe and tool measuring system

Measure parts and tools directly on the machine toolm&h launches the new RWP38.41 radio-wave probe and the new RWT35.50 radio-wave tool measuring system.
Multi-device communication with one receiverThe new generation RWP38.41 radio-wave probe and the new RWT35.50 tool measuring system from m&h can be used together – a single receiver can communicate with up to three different measuring machines. Measuring versatility is therefore retained while investment costs are kept low.The world’s one and only manually positionable radio-wave tool measuring systemTools are now held more tightly in the spindle, an improvement to keep up with the growing requirements of accuracy and process safety. The RWT35.50 tool measuring system can be used on various places on the machine or even on the parts themselves – this is desirable in particular for very large parts or with shuttle machining.
Users can place the new tool measuring system at any spot on the machine and afterwards remove it quickly and easily. No awkward cables or undesirable collisions in the machine’s working space. The magnetic holder ensures high repeatability of pose by using a prismatic tool mount, which can be attached to the machine table or to the parts.
Measuring in the machine with radio-wave probesMeasuring in the machine using RWP38.41 probes does away with the need for expensive special measuring fixtures and jigs. Secure data transfer from the inside the parts, on 5-axis machines with wrists or on large machining centres with long tool paths can only be guaranteed with wireless technology.Wireless technology goes one step furtherCommunication takes place with the new m&h products over 64 freely selectable channels in the reliable radio frequencies of the 433 MHz band designated for industrial applications. The channels are monitored for any interfering signals during the whole time the machine is switched on. If one of the channels picks up significant external signals, it is then blocked for machine communication. The channels can be selected by simply pressing a key. Thus the operator has control over his wireless communications set-up and can ensure that no external signals, e.g. from a crane runway, can lead to unnecessary machine downtime. An improved signal protocol provides the user with more reliable data transmission. Greater inbuilt redundancy avoids signal loss, even at high transmission speeds and signal densities.
Compact design reduces risk of collisionThe new radio-wave probes are considerably smaller than comparable products: they have a diameter of 50 mm and a length of 74 mm. Therefore they are particularly suitable for use on machines with little room for movement in the Z direction or with tool racks that have limits on tool diameters.
The probe’s small body is made of stainless steel as is usual for m&h and sealed with a chemical-resistant twin membrane arrangement to achieve IP68 rating, to ensure that the probe is protected against environmental effects in the machine, coolant and swarf.
The new probes need fewer battery changes thanks to a much reduced power requirement. Batteries can be changed without special tools. The batteries are commonly available types.
Extensions for features deep inside the partWith large machines in particular, some measuring tasks cannot be achieved with ordinary probes. For example, when the points to be measured lie deep inside the part. The new RWP38.41 radio-wave probe has a removable threaded arrangement that allows extensions to be screwed on to arrive at the required length. Using this feature the probe can accurately measure even deep-lying points.Simple adjustment of trigger forceDifferent materials and geometries of the parts call for different probe trigger forces to ensure reliable measurement results. With the RWP38.41 radio-wave probe from m&h, the user can simply change the trigger force using a screwdriver and adjust it to best suit the task in hand.
Patented THERMO-LOCK technologyThe new RWP38.41 radio-wave probe can also be equipped with optional HSK mounts in sizes 30E, 40E, 50E and 63A. They incorporate THERMO-LOCK insulation to prevent heat being conducted from the motor spindle to the probe. As a result the probe does not expand and cause false measurements.For further information,contact:e-mail: marketing@mh-inprocess.com

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