Nexgen Automation

High performance DC drives
Ac drives: Power supply range: 0.4 – ~630 kw. Adopts advanced modular design concept. Dual – CPU control platform: DSP is responsible for current vector arithmetic while 32bit MCU is in charge of control function. Static and dynamic motor parameter auto tune, ensure excellent vector control. Achieve high accuracy close-loop speed control and torque control using PG card to receive pulse signal from encoder. Torque control: Offer multi mode torque setting. Constant tension control: The built-in roll diameter calculation can implement direct (indirect) tension control in wind unwind application. External LCD panel can monitor three parameter at the same time. Parameter copy function make several drive commissioning more convenient
Dc drives: Eco dc drive — Range:0.5HP to 3HP(single phase). Trim PoT setting: Max. speed, Min. speed, current trip. Speed setting:10 K/1 W or 3W Potentio meter. Tripping: Current trip, field fail trip. Protections: Snubber ckt, glass fuses for field and armatture bridge. Indications: Power,Current trip, field OK. Size:96x96mm, 144x144mm (with digital meter), open module (wall mounted).
Semi-isolated DC drive: Range:0.5HP to 5HP (single phase/ two phase). Trim PoT setting: Max. speed, acceleration, current limit, inch speed (job speed). Speed setting: 2 K to 100K/1 W or 3W Potentio meter. Protections: Field fail trip, snubber ckt, glass fuses for field and armature bridge. Indications: Run/stop, field fail, current limit, open module (wall mounted).
High performance DC drive: Range: 0.5HP to 7.5HP (1ø/2ø), 3HP to 200 HP(3ø). Reference input:0 -10V DC,0 -5V DC,1 -5V DC, 0-20mA, 4-20mA, 2K to 100KPoT. Trim PoT setting: Max. speed, acceleration, current limit, inch speed (job speed). Tacho alignment (1ø/2ø/3ø drive), current trip, under-voltage trip, over-voltage trip (3ø drive). Protections: Current trip, built-in snubber ckt, galvanic isolation between power and control circuit, (glass fuses for field and armature bridge for 1ø/2ø drive). Feedback: Armature voltage feedback/ Tacho generator feedback/ Current feed back field selectable. Constant voltage (constant speed)/ constant current (constant torque). Any tacho generator (AC/DC) of any voltage field selectable.
Nexgen Automation
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