Perma Construction: Aiming Higher Growth

Please brief us about your company and its core business.
Perma Construction Aids Pvt. Ltd. is an ISO 9001- 2008 certified company, manufacturing and marketing various construction chemicals of international standards, all over India and neighbouring countries under the brand name of ‘PERMA’.
The Company has been awarded ISI certification for some of its products along with an ISO 9001-2008 certification. The Company has a rating of ‘SE 1B’ by CRISIL. Our list of customers includes many Government/Semi–Government organisations, Private Institutions, Builders, and Contractors etc. who have found both our products and services fruitful.
The product range consists of Polymer-based tile fixing adhesives and Colored Joint fillers, Range of waterproofing chemicals, Integral waterproofing compounds for concrete and mortars, Water repellant coatings, Structural and non structural bonding agents, Repair additives for structural rehabilitation based on SBR & Acrylics, Range of admixtures for concrete, Non shrink grouts for machine foundations, Floor hardeners and sealers, Epoxy floor self levelers, toppings and coatings etc.
Tell us about your key products, manufacturing facilities and recent tie-ups.
We at Perma manufacture a wide range of products under various groups such as water proofing, repairs and bonding agents, tile fixing adhesives and joint fillers, epoxies, admixtures etc. We keep working on new products and regularly introduce these new products to the industry. Recently we have added general purpose single component building adhesive under the brand name of PERMA MASTER FIX and a very high quality building coating material under the brand name of PERMA UNI COAT, and an anti-carbonation coating for the walls of parking lot buildings under the brand name of PERMA FLEX COAT to name a few.
What are the advantages of products offered by your company?
Over the years our products have established performance in the most critical situations on highly demanding sites. This is due to our untiringly dedicated R&D professionals and the highly trained application teams spread all over the country. Our quality control and quality assurance standards match the best in this field in the world. 
What is your opinion about the recent performance of construction chemicals industry in India?
From early 1980s this industry started organizing itself in the Indian construction industry. Prior to this period tiling in new construction was limited to bathrooms and toilets. There were only a couple of brands of glazed tiles available in the market. But early 80s saw new tiling companies entering the market with a wide range of sizes and shades. The architect took advantage of this and designed floors, walls and facades with tile finishing. This followed with many building changing their mosaic tiles with ceramic finishes. These activities obviously needed special tile fixing adhesives and colored tile joint fillers to bring out the best out of a tiling jobs and at the same time ensuring the safety of secure fix. Construction chemicals industry responded positively in providing these new products demanded by the construction industry totally indigenously.
During later part of 80s a big canal project in the western India required huge quantities of curing compound as per ASTM standards as specified by the World Bank standards. Several construction chemicals companies came forward and indigenously produced the curing compound as per ASTM (The American Standards) which was tested by the several reputed laboratories for its conformity with the standards and used on the project.
During early 90s Konkan Railways project started to establish a railway link between Mumbai and Goa. This required several huge bridges of pre-stressed concrete to be constructed. With the Distance between concrete making at the batching plant and concrete pouring at the site increasing there was a need of a highly retarded concrete. The specification called for a synthetic concrete admixture based on melamine formaldehyde condensate. Again the construction chemicals industry stood up to the challenge and indigenously produced the admixture for its utility on the entire project.
These projects and experiences gave the professionals in the Indian Construction Chemicals Industry the right confidence and enthusiasm in making new products indigenously suiting to our environmental conditions. There have been many such critical requirements on various projects such as Metro Rail, Sea Link, Tunneling Very High-rise buildings etc. On all such occasions the industry came up with indigenous solutions saving millions of dollars worth of foreign exchange.
This industry is highly knowledge based industry. Professionals of this line are highly educated and disciplined. They understand that their responsibility towards providing critical solutions to the civil engineering industry is like the responsibility of a doctor treating a patient. Their outlook towards critical
civil engineering requirement is more technical rather than based on just business priorities. There is a good understanding between the professionals of most of the companies who are in this business of construction chemicals irrespective of whether they belong to a multinational company or an indigenous Indian company. There exists an association under the name “CONSTRUCTION CHEMICALS MANUFACTURERS ASSOCIATION” or CCMA. Under this association all the members/professionals meet regularly once in a month and discuss various issues of interest to the industry.
Can you highlight the prime growth drivers for this segment?
As there is continuous need for food so also there always is need for better shelter and infrastructure. This keeps putting pressure on the construction industry. Construction industry looks for solutions to these growing problems in constructions chemicals. Construction chemicals manufacturers keep discovering and providing those solutions to the construction industry regularly. Growth of this segment is tied up with the growth of construction industry itself.
Please highlight your company’s current performance and growth prospects.
Perma has been showing steady performance and growth ever since its formation. This is due to its wide range of products which go not only in new construction but also in repair and rehabilitation of old structures. After a spell of recession the construction industry is looking forward to a healthy growth. This gives better prospects for our growth in near future.

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