Filtration system, water purification system
We Pranjal are one of the leading organizations that is engaged in the manufacture and supply of superior quality water purification systems. In light of Quality, Innovation & Development, we have attained tremendous success during last four years.
R.O. System
The R.O systems that we are offering are used for water filtration under high pressure. Special membranes are used to remove suspended or dissolved bacterial & chemical impurities up to 0.0001 (1 micron=1/1000mm).
It consists of five stages of filtration to provide clean & germ-free soft water for drinking purpose. While the chemical impurities like chlorine are filtered through Granular Carbon Pre-filter, the suspended impurities present in the inlet water are removed by 5 microns Sediment Pre-filter. The extruded Carbon Pre-filter also removes bad taste & odor. RO membrane clears the water of bacteria, virus & hardness thus making it safer for drinking.
Filtration System
We are offering multi-stage Filtration System that uses advanced technology for efficiently cleaning water off its defilements. The system is built for applications that require effective water treatment to reduce impurities, filterable crystals, volatile organic chemicals, lead & chlorine. The system releases water at a continuous flow. It is suitable for feeding percolators and point-of-use dispensers. They can be mounted easily close to refrigerator or faucet for quick filtering needs.
Water Purification System
The water purification system that we are making available utilizes highly effective sediment filter, carbon block filter & RO membrane to discharge purest water. The water that passes through these devices are highly pure and thoroughly detoxified. The devices apply recently developed mechanisms that are used for cleaning and filtering toxic chemicals, harmful germs & dangerous microscopic organisms and viruses.
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