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High performance and robust coil heaters
Coil heaters: Coil heaters are an advance concept of thermal engineering which has a construction similar to high watt density cartridge heaters. These heaters are also known as high performance tubular heaters or cable heaters. These heaters can be constructed with or without built-in thermocouples. They are usually installed where space available for heating is limited and are widely used on hot runner nozzles, etc.          
Coil heaters cast in brass: This has an outer casing of stainless steel tube. Available with an added feature of built in thermocouple, its applications are similar to coil heaters. The advantages include maximum heat transfer due to more contact area, precision fit on hot runner nozzles, higher watt density, SS casing acts as a heat insulator, robust cast body can withstand pressure during leakages and avoids de-coiling.
High watt density cartridge heaters: PHP’s High Watt Density Cartridge Heaters are designed and manufactured out of experience of many years, thus the performance and life expectancy supersedes other cartridge heaters. Heating conductor grade NiCr 80:20 is evenly wound over a supporting core which is centrally located in a SS304 tube and the inner space is filled with specially selected high purity magnesium oxide. This assembled unit is then highly compressed, converting the core, powder and conductor into a homogenous mass. The bottom end of the heater is welded with a disc washer to prevent contamination.
High performance heaters for machine nozzles: Compared to conventional method of heating machine nozzles with mica band nozzle heaters, PHP offers a high performance heater which has many advantages. This product has evolved out of experience and regular heater failure complains of plastic processor around the globe. It has a very robust design and can perform efficiently even where polymer spillage is a regular feature. They can be manufactured with built-in thermocouple, thus can be controlled very accurately while processing sensitive materials e.g. Nylon 66 with 40 per cet glass filled.
Pratik Heat Products Pvt. Ltd.
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