PROMTECH offers Dye Penetrant Testing Chemicals

PROMTECH offers Dye Penetrant Testing Chemicals
Liquid Red Dye Penetrant Chemicals are extensively used as one the most reliable and fairly economical method of non-destructive testing method for the detection of very minute surface cracks, pinholes, deformities in all types of structural & welded steels, boiler tubes, condenser tubes & turbine & power generation equipments, chemical plants and vessels, heat exchangers, petro-chemical and chemical pipe-lines, all types of ss & ms fabrications, silos , tank-farms, storage tanks, transformer tanks, steel buildings, all heavy engineering fabrications, pipes and tubes, auto components, gears, pistons, crankshafts, transmission rods, propeller shafts, cylinder liners, castings forgings pre-engineered buildings etc.
Liquid red dye penetrant chemicals are formulated so as to penetrate in the minutest of the cracks/pinholes, by an excellent capillary action and shall have the sensitivity to detect all the cracks/defects completely. Red colour of the penetrant, which is adsorbed in the cracks /pinholes, is then blotted by the spray of the developer, thereby giving a high degree of contrast against white developer background and the colour is very easily distinguishable. A very small amount of sulphur or chlorine even at ppm levels, in the formulation is highly objectionable on surface. This is especially applicable to the equipment used for the Nuclear Applications. The products in this range of Dye Penetrant Testing are manufactured so as to sufficiently free of these elements to render them acceptable.
NDT Dye Penetrant Testing Products: for crack detection are Promtech Dye Penetrant PM 10, Promtech Developer PM 24 and Promtech Cleaner PM 30. The products are available in 1 Lit & 5 Litres packing and in 425 ml Self Spray Aerosol Cans.
Products for magnetic particle testing: Promtech Black Magnetic Particle Ink Spray, available in 425 ml Self Spray Aerosol Cans. Promtech White Contrast Paint, available in 425 ml Self Spray Aerosol Cans.
The Non-Destructive Chemicals are manufactured from very high Purity raw materials and are subject to the most stringent Quality Control Tests, during the course of Manufacture. These products are always governed by the stringent norms as laid down by the Dept. of Atomic Energy and Nuclear Power Corporations, as well as the other Inspection Agencies from India and the world-over. Any Residual Chloride/Sulphur would induce Corrosion in Steel and will even lead to Cracking. Dye Penetrant Test for Non-Destructive Testing has a principle advantage that these are most useful on-site test methods and can be easily carried out with minimum technical training and the results are also generated immediately. Reference Specifications for Red Dye Penetrant, Developer & Cleaner are: IS 3658-1981 IS 12889 & ASTM -E-165; must be CFE FREE & RoHS Compliant.
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