Recognition for Schneider Electric’s electric vehicle charging solution [Nov 2011]

Schneider Electric has become the first manufacturer worldwide to obtain ZE Ready certification from Renault for its EVlink electric vehicle charging infrastructure range. ZE Ready is a comprehensive compatibility testing protocol designed to guarantee that internationally accepted standards will be implemented consistently among electric vehicles and charging infrastructure. By applying existing regulations and drawing on existing standards, ZE Ready aims to control the entire charging chain, from charging station design and installation to installer training, preliminary audits, any necessary compliance work and consulting.
“There are three good reasons for our industry to share Renault’s ZE Ready protocol: to reduce the number tests that need to be carried out, to obtain and share feedback on compatibility more quickly and to provide users with a guarantee that all installed systems work,” explained Vincent Brunel, Electric Vehicle Business Development Director, Schneider Electric France. “ZE Ready represents a fundamental step in establishing a protocol that will be shared by all carmakers and electrical equipment manufacturers.”
In addition to the technical interface, established in cooperation with Renault, Schneider Electric worked with electrical equipment contractors and installers to define a specific installation process in order to obtain ZE Ready certification. Schneider Electric has developed a vast nationwide network of certified installers in France to meet the needs of both consumers and institutional clients.
The first ZE Ready-certified EVlink products and solutions for charging infrastructure from Schneider Electric are now on the market. These products and solutions are prone to the multi carmakers label EV Ready®, announced by the Renault-Nissan Alliance, PSA Peugeot Citroën and Mitsubishi Motors, and based on ZE Ready.

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