Delhi based Reinste Nano Ventures Private Limited (REINSTE) to supply high grade of various kind of nano precipitated calcium carbonate (NPCC) to paints, rubber, plastics, and sealant industries in India. NPCC is widely applied in the area of plastic, rubber, adhesives, sealants, paper, printing ink, coatings and paints, cosmetic and medicine etc. It is used in various applications of paints including auto paint, PVC plastisol, underbody sealing materials for automobiles, and constructional sealing compounds.NPCC is used in various applications of sealant and adhesives including PVC plastsisol, RTV silicone sealants, polysulphide, synthetic resin coating, PU systems and epoxy, silicone electronic adhesive, silicone building sealants, polysulphide sealant, functional filler and extender in plastic compound.NPCC is used in various applications of plastics compounding as reinforcing functional filler in extruded weatherable profiles, conduits and pipes. It typically can substitute up to 20 per cent of existing reinforcing additives such as CPE, MBS or SBS.In highly filled litho inks, they can serve as the main rheological additive and cost reducing filler. In lightly filled offset inks, they can extend other more expensive thickeners, as well as replace oils and varnishes. It thickens PVC plastisol silk screen inks. Gravure inks need very low abrasion fillers. Small particle sized NPCC is excellent here.NPCC has various applications in the sidewall and cord ply compounds of bias tire (+5-8 phr NPCC), in the tread compound and inner liner of radial tire (+4 phr NPCC), in the butyl inner tube.  REINSTE is a primary player in the upcoming field of nanotechnology. REINSTE functions as a nano materials supplier in India, and provides both Research & Industrial grade nano materials of all kind to academia, corporate houses and institutions within India. It also fulfills custom synthesis orders of Nano materials.l

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