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Industrial Boilers
S.S Engineers is engaged in manufacturing of complete sugar plants, Co-generation Plants and Industrial Boilers. The Company offers most innovative, convenient and profitable “Single window” solutions to erection and commissioning of Complete Sugar plants.
Products: Complete Sugar Plant, Co-Generation, Industrial Boilers, Bi-Drum, multifuel Industrial, Boilers, Turbo Generator, Electrical Equipments, Milling Tandems, Super Structured Mills (Five/Six Roller Integrated), Patented Mill,  Boiling House Equipments, Continuous Juice Sulphitors &  Long Tube Evaporators etc.
Industrial Boilers: Boilers are designed and manufactured “in house” and have an excellent thermal efficiency. These conventional as well as membrane wall panel boilers come with user friendly PLC system and state-of-the-art instrumentation. All important requirements of industrial boilers are met by design, construction and operational features includes moderate first cost, rapid load swing, quality of steam at all ratings, Simple to operate, having low maintenance cost and requiring minimum attention, readily accessible for cleaning and maintenance & economic space saving design.
Bi-Drum, Multifuel Industrial Boilers: These boilers are suitable for burning of either individual or in combination, fuels like coal, oil, gas, rice husk, bagasse, biomass and other agricultural wastes. Main features includes manufacture of boilers for co-generation, Superheat temperature up to 510 deg. C, Construction of boiler with membrane wall, Design of Fuels – Coal, Oil, Gas, Bagasse, Rise Husk and agricultural waste.
Turbo Generators: The Company has supplied around 50 Turbines back pressure with woodwork 505 Governing system and AVRS suitable for grid paralleling. The Company can supply indigenous/imported turbo sets along with sugar projects on basis. These include turbines operating from 21 Kg/cm2 steam pressure to 105 Kg/cm2 pressure and capacities ranging from 1 MW to 30 MW to suit captive consumption as well as co-generation needs.
Boiling House Equipments: Designing boiling house equipments plays a major role in minimizing the steam and power consumption with optimum throughput. S.S Engineers has come up with unique and unmatched thermo-dynamically designed equipments.
S. S. Engineers
Shivajinagar, Pune- 411 005
Tel: +91-20-2553 7567

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