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Samarth Engineers offers Chemical Process Equipments
Samarth Engineers offers a wide range of industrial manhole, industrial chimney, venturi tubes, heat exchanger, decanter & chiller for ethanol plants, cyclone, frame hood for milk separator, agitator tanks, mobile racks and many more. The use of superior engineering techniques and modern technology in its construction allows the Company to successfully cater to the processing and other requirements of refineries, oil process plants, petrochemical plants, chemical plants, distilleries including repairing & other allied activities.
Heat Exchangers: Samarth Engineers provides high precision heat exchangers that are used to transfer heat from one medium to another. The Company offers various types of heat exchangers like: Shell & tube heat exchangers, Plate heat exchangers, Regenerative heat exchangers and Dynamic heat exchangers.
Distillation Column: Samarth Engineers manufactures highly efficient distillation columns that are designed to achieve highly effective distillation process. These distillation columns are suitable for a variety of industries and are of two types: Batch columns and Continuous columns. Further, it provides distillation columns on the basis of the number of product streams that they possess.
Cyclone Separator: This equipment is used for control of coarse dust of high concentration. The dust laden gases enter the separator under pressure or suction. The dust particles are separated due to the whirling action and ventex formation and are collected in the hopper. To accommodate more volume of gases and higher efficiency of dust separation, multi clones are also provided.
Vapour Liquid Separator: The product manufactured by Samarth Engineers, is widely used to separate the vapour & liquid phases of mixtures which contain hydrocarbon and steam. This way only vapour stream is fed out and processed further. It comprise of a vessel, a hub, two vapour outlets, one located at distant end of hub and the other located below vapour outlet. One of its application is in pre-processing of heavy olefins plant feed (crude or condensates). The vapour liquid separator can operate over a range of temperatures such as 260-482 °C (500-900 °F).
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