Shanti Boilers & Pressure Vessels Pvt. Ltd.

Coal Fired Boilers, Agro Waste Fired Boilers & Thermic Fluid Heaters
Established in 1970, Shanti Boilers & Pressure Vessel Pvt Ltd is one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of Industrial Boilers, Thermic Fliud Heaters, Heating Boilers etc. The company has a wide range of products for Drugs, Pharma, Chemicals, Plywood, Rice Mills, Paper, Dairy, Food Processing and many more areas.
Products: Boilers, Thermic Fluid Boilers, Pressure Vessel & Heavy Fabrication, Hot water generators, Pollution Control Equipments, Air Handling Water treatment and  Water Treatment Plant .
Boilers: Coal Fired Boilers, Agro Waste Fired Boilers,­­­ Thermic Fluid Heaters & Oil/Gas Fired Boiler etc.
Coal Fired Boilers: With the increasing fuel cost, the performance of Coal Fired Boiler is of paramount importance. Realizing the need of high performance, high efficiency boiler it is able to offer Efficiency, Flexibility and Reliability in every Boiler. The Company has wide range of Boilers & Fuels such as Coal, Brikets, Coconut Shells, Wood Waste, Hus, Baggase etc.
This product has some salient features such as welded construction with non-destructive tests like radiography, stress relieving and hydraulic testing, higher steam space to ensure steady supply at functional loads, Optimum grate area and heating surface facilitates quick steam output. High overall efficiency, adequate manhole, mud hole and specially designed end box provide proper and convenient cleaning operation etc.
Agro Waste Fired Boilers: The Company’s External Furnace Boilers is manufactured as per latest thermal and combustion design to impart higher Thermal and Combustion efficiency. External furnace is provided considering Multi-fuel concept with suitable grate area and furnace for optimum efficiency. 
Thermic Fluid Heaters: The most renowned name in heating systems now brings wide range of Thermic Fluid Heaters for superior applications with almost any type of fuel like Oil, Coal, Wood, Saw dust, Lignite, Baggase, Husk, GN shell etc. Today there are over 1000 installations of Shanti Heating Systems throughout the country practically in all type of industries like Drugs & Pharmaceuticals, Chemicals, Textiles, Food processing, Dairy, Tannery, Plywood & Solvent extraction etc.
Shanti Boilers & Pressure Vessels Pvt. Ltd.
5-5-18, Ranigunj
Secundrabad – 500 003, Andhra Pradesh
Tel: +91-40-66338863 / 27715334

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