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Industrial coatings, sealing systems
Shri Hans Enterprises offers quality service to industrial coatings and sealing systems. Our range includes wall protective coating, floor protective coating, wall protective coating services, floor protective coating services, anti-corrosion coatings, thermal insulation coatings, waterproof coatings, clean room services, sports ground coatings and others.
Our products
Joint sealing services: We undertake service especially for sealing expansion joints, concrete panel joint, curtain wall joint, stress crack and joints in parapet walls. Advantages of the joint sealing system are its good weather ability, UV resistant and excellent recovery from expansion and compression.
Antimicrobial coatings: The coating helps to combat destructive microbes and reduce growth and migration of bacteria. It is especially provided in areas such as hospital environments, water treatment plants and pharmaceutical laboratory.
Floor protective coatings: We undertake project for floors protective coating services. The service is especially designed to make dust-proof hardened surfaces. We offer floor protective coatings which are ideally suited to meet complete industrial and commercial applications.
Anti corrosion coatings: Our anti corrosive coatings are used as protective coatings in the industry. These protect metal substrates from severe adverse conditions such as corrosion.
Thermal insulation coatings: We undertake commercial and residential buildings. The material can be applied simply by using spray, roller, brush or any other suitable techniques.
Waterproof coatings: The important feature of our waterproof coatings is the usage of superior waterproofing systems and material.
Sports ground coatings: We undertake sport courts such as handball, volleyball, tennis and badminton courts. The sports ground coatings are weatherproof and thus increase life of the ground.
Antistatic coatings: It is a coating applied to one or both sides of a material for reducing build- up of electrostic supports in the ease of additional possessing. Our antistatic coatings reduce or eliminate buildup of static electricity generally caused by triboelectric effect.
Wall protective coatings: The wall protective coating comprises primer, putty and top coats. As compared to conventional plastic emulsion paints, these are more resistant to water and oil. The coatings are based on solvent, water soluble PUDs, aliphatic urethanes and water dispersible acrylics.
Mahendra Ulangwar
Shri Hans Enterprises
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