Span Hydrotech Pvt. Ltd.

Effluent treatment plants, sewage treatment plants
We are a engineering company, offering solution for water treatment and management since 1999 to all the sectors across the India. With our expertise, we have etched a primary position in total water management, handling water and wastewater related issues for various industries. We also offer services for operation of plant utilities and provide free training to plant executives and operators.
Water Treatment Plants
We design, fabricate and supply water treatment plants for varied industries. SHPL offers a wide variety of options for purification of water from different sources either from surface water sources or ground water sources. If the water involves removal of simple suspended particles, we can provide conventional treatment and if quality of water needs to be improved the treatment can be upgraded to ultra filtration and RO.
Effluent Treatment Plants
We offer a wide range of effluent treatment plants on turnkey basis. The company has evolved design and methodologies for treatment of complex effluents which have toxic interference due to presence of cyanides, phenols, arsenic, heavy metals, solvents etc. We provide user-friendly treatment systems based on Physico-chemical and Biological oxidation for treatment of waste water from chemical, fermentation, pharmaceuticals, phosphating and electroplating industries.
Sewage Treatment Plants
We also provide Sewage treatment plants on turn key basis. These are set up for the treatment of the sewage waste that is produced by canteens, residential colonies etc. These involve collection, primary treatment, biological treatment and tertiary treatment to make it recyclable.
Utility Water Treatment Chemicals
Our extensive range of superior quality water treatment chemicals from M/s Dorf ketal have been helping industries in solving four key problems associated with industrial and process waters i.e. scale, corrosion, biofouling and inorganic fouling. We are the Authorized Distributors for M/s Dorf Ketal Chemicals (I) Pvt Ltd, Mumbai, a leader in Specialty Chemicals needed for oil exploration, refining / petrochemical process, water treatment & fuel conditioning. 
Span Hydrotech Pvt. Ltd.
Ground Floor, Vedant 307/27,
Pradhikaran, Nigdi, Pune –  411044
Tel: +91-20-27640287,27640148
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