Subtronics (India) Pvt. Ltd.

Metal Detector – SUBSCAN
Subtronics (India) Pvt. Ltd. (An ISO 9001:2000 Certified company) launched its latest portable hand held metal detector SUBSCAN developed especially for security at entry places and high level security areas. The instrument has a very simple user friendly panel. A loud audio beep along with ‘Metal detected’ LED indication helps trace metallic objects (ferrous and non ferrous) with ease. It also has a ‘Power on’ indication along with ‘Low battery’ indication to indicate the status of the battery. It has an internal charger and sensitivity is adjustable (from front panel) and can even be made to detect pins.
SUBSCAN is housed in a extremely robust ABS plastic body making it ideal for use with security personnel. Various fields of applications include Airports, Banks, Industrial establishments. Hospitals, Arenas, Correctional Facilities, Historical Landmarks. Public and Private Buildings, Schools & Institutes, Special Events, Loss Prevention, Nuclear Facilities, Transportation Terminals, Courthouses, Corporate Security, temples etc.
Its unique detection coil design makes use of the latest digital technology to increase the sensitivity of the instrument. Once charged. SUBSCAN metal detector works continuously for 4/5 hours. Its inbuilt battery charger charges the internal 9V rechargeable battery without removing it from the body making it a maintenance free metal detector.
Subtronics (India) Pvt. Ltd.
Unit No. 147, Kaliandas Udyog Bhavan,
Near Century Bazar, Prabhadevi
Mumbai – 400 025
Tel: +91-22-2422 44 61
Fax: +91-22-2430 3047

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