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Planetary Motors and Drives
Top Gear Company is engaged in the field of design and manufacturing of planetary gears as well as custom built Gears for various applications. The Company has an International Quality Management Standard ISO 9001 and also created a different identity on the global platform with quality Center and unique products.
Top Gear Company has got distinct growth rate and become a market leader in the transmission sector in India. Constant technological Changes and continues R&D Efforts and experiments of new materials have allowed them to cover even more application areas.
Products and Features: Planetary geared motors, Bevel planetary drives, Heavy planetary drives, Track drives, Winch drives, Worm planetary drives, Centrifuge drives, Belt drives , Spur-planetary drives .
Planetary geared motors: Available in foot & Flange type mounting, Hollow output with Shrink Disc as well as splined output, Built with squiral cage induction motor of ICE Standard,  Output speed 0.1 RPM to 400 RPM,  Torque capacity up to 1, 50,000 Nm.
Bevel planetary drives: Right angle in construction, Hollow as well as solid output, Compact in size, Power 0.17 Kw to 50 Kw, Torque capacity up to 1000000 Nm.
Heavy planetary drives: Rigid in construction, Versatile mounting arrangement,   High overhang load
capacity,  Compact in size,  Power 50 Kw to 370 Kw,  Torque capacity up to 2000000 Nm.
Winch drives: Used in Mobile cranes, drilling rigs, Material handling trolleys, Electric as well as hydraulic input, inbuilt brakes available, Highest reliability, Compact in size, Line pull capacity 2500 Nm and 500000 Nm.
Worm planetary drives: Ninety degree transmission, Space saving and 4 Position Orientation, Silent in operation, Torque capacity 300 Nm to 5,00,000 Nm .
Spur-planetary drives: Used for sugar industry crystalliser, Shaft mounted in construction, No need of foundation and coupling,  Highest reliability,  Power 1 Kw to 50 kw,  Torque capacity up to 250000 Nm.
Top Gear Transmissions
W-41, Addl. MIDC, Satara – 415004
Tel: +91-2162-248493, 245642
Fax: +91-2162-245373

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