Trane AquaStream3G offers heat recovery on entire range [Sep 2011]

As utility costs continue to rise, building managers consider efficiency a top priority for their HVAC systems. Trane, a leading global provider of indoor comfort systems and solutions and a brand of Ingersoll Rand, now offers heat recovery on its entire range of AquaStream3G chillers and heat pumps to help achieve significant savings.
AquaStream3G heat recovery uses the heat rejected by the condenser to produce hot water for a variety of purposes. This includes the production of hot water (e.g. for showers), dehumidification (e.g. for pool areas) and process applications. The re-use of otherwise wasted heat allows building managers to realize energy and cost savings, as well as environmental goals.  Trane offers heat recovery as an option on the entire range of AquaStream3G chillers and heat pumps, including the high-efficiency models and special acoustic packages. Typical applications of the AquaStream3G with heat recovery include hotels, hospitals and industrial facilities that require economical means of heating water.
“The AquaStream3G already offered a combination of high efficiency and low noise that is unique to the market. With the addition of heat recovery, the AquaStream3G delivers additional cost savings by eliminating the separate requirement to heat water,” said Rajesh Sikka, business leader for Trane in India.

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