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Urja Techniques offers wide range of transformers
Urja Techniques India is one of the leading manufacturers of transformers including distribution transformers, furnace transformers, single phase transformers, earthing transformers, three phase transformers, rectifier transformers, dry type transformers, reactor transformers.
Distribution Transformers: Industrial, Substation & Distribution Tfr. Upto 10 MVA, Upto 33kV, ONAN. A poly phase transformer design is presented in which transformer output pores are accurately constructed in both voltage magnitude and relative phase angle. The design of these distribution transformers, electrical substation transformers incorporates both main and auxiliary transformers that are used in unison to produce the accurately constructed phases.
Power Transformers: Station & Multi-winding to suit specific needs & L.T. Transformers for generating Stations. Upto 10 MVA ,3 Phase, Upto 33Kv , ONAN/ ONAF/ OFAF/OFWF Cooling Electrical power transformers characterized by inner and outer low voltage winding sections and a high voltage winding section disposed there between.
Furnace Transformers: Furnace transformers are suitable for Arc furnace/ submerged arc furnace/ induction furnace duty are available up to capacity of 10 MVA with primary voltage up to 33 KV class and secondary voltages to suit furnace specification. Generally furnace transformers are with OFWF cooling. However, ONAN cooling can also be designed as per requirement.
Earthing Transformers: Earthing up to 2 MVA – 33 kV – Earthing transformers are used to create a neutral point in a three-phase system, which provides possibility for neutral earthing. The earthing can be through an arc-suppression reactor, a neutral earthing reactor or resistor or directly in these earth transformers. Earthing transformers are usually oil immersed and may be installed outdoor.
Rectifier Transformers: Rectifier transformers are suitable for 6 pulse or 12 pulse operation with options of different winding connections on primary & secondary winding with or without inter phase transformer. The capacity range is up to 10 KA DC with primary voltage up to 33 KV.
Reactors Transformers: This is an air cored series & shunt reactor. With a range up to 2 MVA, and a voltage up to 33 KV. It comes with the facility of automatic on/off cooling. The feedback of this product has been satisfactory from our clients. We offer this durable reactor at competitive price range.
Urja Techniques India Pvt Ltd
No. B-17, Shree Ram Industrial Estate,
G. D. Ambekar Road, Wadala
Mumbai – 400 031, Maharashtra
Tel: +91-22-24150505
Fax: +91-22-24160606

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