Vak-Tek Corporation

Vacuum & Pressure Pumps
Vak Tek Corporation is engaged in manufacturing of Vacuum pumps in India as well as International Market. The Company specialize in Electrolux central vacuum systems, Electrolux vacuum system, vacuum valves supplier, vacuum valves systems exporter and Electrolux vacuum valves.
Products: KC and KTC two-stage rotary piston pumps, KD and KDH single duplex rotary piston pumps, KLRC liquid ring vacuum pumps, A & t series liquid ring vacuum pumps, Dry screw vacuum pumps,  Rotary vane vacuum pumps  and  Turbine blower etc.
Vacuum coating plants sputtering + cathodic arc systems: Vaktek Vacuum Systems provides wide range of industrial vacuum coating plants and sputtering system for a variety of applications. Vaktek Vacuum Systems is specialized in both refurbishing existing vacuum coating plant and building new plant for specific applications.
Dry screw vacuum pumps: Dry Screw Vacuum pump has been in demand for long time. Dry screw pumps are also called single stage vacuum pumps. The utilization of this pump is ideal for the chemical and pharmaceutical processing industries, Plastic Industry, Plastic, Packaging, Brick making and many more.
Vacuum and Pressure Pumps: The innovative and the latest vacuum technology used by Vak-Tek offers a wide range of vacuum pumps, oil lubricated vacuum pumps, small vacuum pumps etc, used in different industries. Vak-Tek is the leading manufacturers and exporters of superior quality of vacuum pumps which are available in fiber and steel vanes. The Company is also specialized to develop vacuum pumps as per the requirement of customers.
Rotary vane vacuum pumps: The word rotary vane vacuum pumps also known as positive displacement pump consists of vanes mounted to a rotar that rotates inside of the enclosed space. The principle of rotary vane pump is that it is simple and compact designed , single-stage compression, low cycle temperature, low rotation speeds, direct axial coupling to the motor and low need for maintenance.
Vak-Tek Corporation
Gala No. 3, Gayadin Compound,
Churiwadi, Gogatewadi Road,
Off. Aarey Road, Goregaon (E),
Mumbai-400 063
Tel: +91-22-65055334

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