Varuna Paints Private Limited

Varlac Super Synthetic Enamels  and Varlac Epoxy Systems
Varuna Paints Pvt.Ltd is an ISO 9002 Certified Company and manufactures a wide range of paints for decorative and Industrial use. The company has wide range of paints includes Super Synthetic Enamels, Epoxy paints, Stoving Enamels, Chlorinated Rubber paints, Polyurethane and Melaminised Wood Finishes, Exterior Texture Finishes, Automotive Finishes and many more.

Products: Varlac Super Synthetic Enamels, Varlac Stoving Enamels, Varlac Epoxy Systems, Varlac Bituminous Paints, Auto Fin Auto Finish, Single Pack Polyurethane Wood Finish, Varlac Water Thinnable Cement Primer, Two Pack Melaminised Wood Finish, Vartex Matt Exterior Texture Finish & Ecomate Acrylic Exterior Emulsion.
Varlac Super Synthetic Enamels: Varlac Super Synthetic Enamel is based on Synthetic Alkyd Resins. This paint dry by oxidative polymerisation. A versatile product which gives tough, smooth and glossy film and also available in a variety of shades and used as house hold paints and industrial coatings on wood, metal and concrete.
Varlac Stoving Enamels: Varlac Stoving Enamel is based on alkyd and amino resins. This paint dries only on baking. It is available in glossy, semi glossy and matt finishes. This paint system gives an excellent protective and decorative coating to equipments, furniture & machinery etc at economic costs and also available in variety of shades. 
Varlac Epoxy Systems: These are paints based on Epoxy Resins. It is chemically curing at room temperature. Supplied in two packs. Epoxy paints give excellent resistance to chemicals, solvents, water and oil. Used in areas where very good chemical resistance is required. ‘Varlac’ Epoxy systems range from high builds systems for marine freight containers to economic coating systems for equipments and furniture.
Varlac Chlorinated Rubber Paints: Varlac chlorinated rubber paint is based on chlorinated rubber. This is a thermoplastic composition and is an air drying system. This paint has a good alkali and acid resistance. Also resistant to salt water, moisture and mechanical strain. Used as a chemical resistant coating in industries where special resistance properties are required.
Varuna Paints Private Limited
The monarc’, 3rd Floor,
P.T Usha Road
Kochi- 682011
Tele no: +91-484-2382662, 2363541
Fax: +91-484- 2372732

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