Wheelabrator pass-through monorail shot blast machine solution

The machine is designed to shot blast large fabricated structures as used in earth moving equipment
Wheelabrator has developed and delivered the pass-through solutions for various applications like construction equipment, cranes girders, vessels, infrastructure parts etc. The machines are developed with aim to prepare the surface for the painting needs and wheels are oriented in such a way that the maximum parts surface is exposed for the direct blasting. While designing the machine, new techniques are being utilised to simulate the job coverage parameters.
The Wheelabrator pass-through monorail shot blast machines (closed loop operation) achieve short blasting times due to the combination of the latest transport technology, highly efficient blast wheels, and selection of number of wheels based on the workpiece.  Workpiece changeover is carried out semi-automatically or automatically by the power and free system which is part of the transport technology. The closed loop blast machine is provided with a rotating device on the monorail which rotates the loaded workpiece carriers in front of the turbines.
This machine is designed to shot blast large fabricated structures as used in earth moving equipment. In addition to 16 Roto-jet blastwheels, it offers selection possibility of using 8 to 16 wheels based on job envelop. Also include, a manual touch-up booth with blasting arrangement consisting of pressure pot, safety gear for the operator and other accessories as per Wheelabrator design. The machine also fitted with a state-of-the-art reverse air cleaning, cassette-type filter which can be installed outdoor and a control panel to house the controls and safety and mechanical interlocks.
Overall DISA Wheelabrator has delivered 10 machines of this family to various construction equipment and tower crane suppliers in India.
For more details, visit website www.wheelabratorgroup.com or write on bangalore@noricangroup.com

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