Workstation Lifting Systems from Konecranes offer solutions for every lifting need

Workstation lifting requirements often include easy installation and operation, modularity in capacity and operating environment, while lifting smoothly anda powerfully. Konecranes offers lifting equipment for all workstation material handling requirements. Konecranes’ proven solutions, such as Workstation Crane Systems (XA Aluminium), Industrial Load Manipulators (ATB AirBalancer and ATL Vertical Lifter), and CLX Electric Chain Hoists etc. enable safe, precise lifting together with optimal productivity.
Versatility of XA Aluminium Workstation CraneThe XA Aluminium Workstation Crane from Konecranes has been designed to meet and exceed the requirements of modern lifting demands in industries such as the automotive sector. The multipurpose XA Aluminium Workstation Crane is lightweight, yet strong enough to handle demanding production needs. It can handle loads up to 2 tonnes, making it a sound and cost-efficient solution. The system features a modular design, intended to reduce downtime during installation, expansions or upgrades. High structural stiffness, small rolling resistance and quiet use make it ideal for both standard and tailor-made lifting solutions.
Konecranes offers one of the most comprehensive, versatile aluminium rail programs in the industry. Monorails, single, double girder and low headroom cranes can be configured for use across the entire production line. The XA Aluminium Workstation Crane has different profile sizes for different loads, and all profiles have bolt connections so no welding is required. When compared to traditional steel I beam, this light aluminium structure reduces rolling resistance and dead weight by 50 per cent, so loads are handled faster and with less effort. An anodised surface provides superior corrosion resistance, giving the XA crane system’s surface greater durability and a longer lifetime.
Coupled with Konecranes’ CLX, ATB AirBalancer, and ATL Vertical Lifter, the XA Workstation Lifting system provides a smooth and quiet journey, even across joints. ATB AirBalancer allows nearly weightless movement of variable loads
The Konecranes ATB AirBalancer is a lifting device that supports picking, lifting, moving and placing items by hand. The enhanced safety, reliability and smooth operation offered by the pneumatic powered lifting device makes the AirBalancer ideal for assembly processes, repair and industrial production tasks across a broad range of industries. For example, the aviation, solar energy and automotive industries’ process tasks require fast, smooth transfer movements of heavy parts with high precision. Konecranes’ AirBalancer meets these needs with high and flexible movement speeds, which smoothly supports the operator’s natural motion and an optional automatic load balancing feature that allows operators to freely and accurately move the load in zero-gravity mode. In addition, AirBalancer equipment is compatible with Konecranes XA and many other crane systems, making it a very flexible solution for enhancement and modernization of existing and new workstations. The AirBalancer also offers impressive safety and productivity features, including load weight compensation for predictable movement of loads regardless of variances in weight. A wide range of options allows easy configuration to fit the AirBalancer perfectly into the individual applications.
Safer, faster, and more precise vertical lifting with ATL Vertical LifterThe Konecranes ATL Vertical Lifter is a telescopic lifting device for use with an XA Aluminum Workstation Crane. Unlike conventional chain or rope hoists, it can lift loads up to 500 kg outside the centre of gravity. Available in either pneumatic or electric models, the vertical lifting equipment from Konecranes can be easily adapted to diverse lifting needs. The Vertical Lifter is excellent for the handling requirements of process industries, including manufacturing, solar energy, automotive, railroad and aviation.
Using the Vertical Lifter, frequently recurring load manipulations can be performed easily, quickly and with a very high level of precision. The telescopic guides allow sway-free lifting. A smaller cycle time noticeably improves productivity.
Integrated overload detection ensures that the load is safe. Ergonomic operation also ensures people’s safety. In balancing mode, when tools or balanced parts are guided, the load feels almost weightless.
Konecranes CLX: powerful and durable electric chain hoistKonecranes CLX electric chain hoists have a service life that is four times longer than previous models (FEM 2 m 1600 hours). The service lifetime of the lifting chain is longer, due to the new patented chain wheel. The newly developed drive system allows for better power transmission, oil-lubricated gears, patented chain wheel and powerful motors with a speed ratio up to 6:1. Standard speeds are 8 m/min, which make the CLX electric chain hoist 25 per cent faster than comparable chain hoists.
An additional performance feature of the CLX electric chain hoists is their higher safety standard according to EN regulations and machine directive. The brake and the safety clutch were designed so that, in case the safety clutch fails, the load is prevented from falling. The CLX series is easy to maintain: all components are easily accessible, the entire electrical system is located on two compact circuit boards, which are the same for all hoist sizes (one fits all), and the lifting brake is maintenance free. All models are energy efficient and comply with the RoHS Directive. The chain hoists function at temperatures from -20 C to +50 C.
Furthermore, the CLX electric chain hoist is extremely sturdy as the chain guide, and the entire housing and the covers are made of metal – no plastic parts. The CLX electric chain hoists from Konecranes are suitable for standalone applications, such as assembly cells in the processing industry, as well as for work that requires speed

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