Yamazaki Mazak India showcased precision at IMTEX Forming 2012 [Feb 2012]

Yamazaki Mazak India Pvt Ltd, one of the leaders in the machine tool industry, has a new dimension with an aim to extend and strengthen its foray into the world of laser cutting.
With one of the most diversified product lines in the machine tool industry, was about time the company established its footprint in laser cutting – a gradually rising segment in the metal cutting industry. The company has a state-of-the-art Technology Centre at Sanaswadi in Pune.
The company displayed its prowess in laser cutting to its customers by strong participation in IMTEX Forming 2012 show held at BIEC Bangalore from 19th to 24th January. The major attractions of Mazak participation have been witnessed by visitors with live demonstration on laser cutting machine. Interactive application oriented display of laser cut components gives a new thought to customers in various applications as 2D, 2D and 3D, structural fabrication.
Major highlights at IMTEX FormingInteractive sample displays with case studies for 2D & 3D Laser Applications: Samples of products that has been manufactured using Mazak 3D laser processing machine. By simply placing long pipes and structural material on the loading station, all processes – from loading material to 3D, complex or angled configuration Laser processing – can be finished in a single machine setup according to the NC program. Applications from various industry segments as tractor chassis (agricultural and earth movers), weld less table and chair (modular furniture), weld less assemblies of pipes and channels which can withstand heavy duty structures as airports, malls, theaters (structural fabrication). The visitors have experienced numerous possibilities with effective use of Mazak software’s designing features with Mazak 3D laser’s complex shapes cutting capabilities.
Customer application gallery: Customers’ application gallery at Mazak Booth in IMTEX Forming has displayed Mazak user’s real time applications such as canopy assembly without any welding (designed by Mazak 2D laser CAD – CAM software), Décor application as Dinosaur designed again by Mazak CAD – CAM software. This innovative way of ‘customer as partners’ was widely appreciated by visitors.
3D cutting versus 2D cutting: Mazak has been providing 2D laser cutting machines to the industry in India for some time now, also the foray into the world of 3D laser cutting is one of the primary objectives behind Mazak’s product range. At IMTEX 2012 Forming exhibition, customers have witnessed its revolutionary 3D Laser processing machine and applications for long pipes and structural materials.
OPTIPLEX 3015 – Intelligent Laser machine with non dependency on skilled operator:  Innovative machine series as OPTIPLEX 3015 displayed on Mazak booth with live demonstration of fast speed cutting on lower thickness available with good finish higher thickness live cutting. Major point of attraction was intelligent features of machine as auto torch changer, auto nozzle changer, auto focus setting, and auto nozzle calibration. Machine is kept in ready condition for next cutting as while palette changing operation is in progress.
Mazak has given a unique thought of non dependency on skilled operations with all manual operations done automatic on machine OPTIPLEX 3015.
Mazak’s entry into Fiber Laser technology: IMTEX Forming was a right opportunity for Mazak to launch its new technology of Fiber Laser. Mazak’s OPTIPLEX 3015 FIBER was also major point of attraction for visitors on Mazak Stall.

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