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IIoT and tech advancements boost manufacturing performance

IIoT and tech advancements boost manufacturing performance

June 12, 2023 11:10 am

Manoj Brahme, Director, SDTronics, discusses manufacturers have been able to implement predictive maintenance strategies leveraging IIoT and other technologies that lead to minimised equipment failures and enhanced overall equipment effectiveness.

Please talk about Industrial automation cable manufacturing and business activities.
SDPL is an Industrial automation cable manufacturing company that helps to provide a wide range of import substitute automation cables. Various Industries, including Industrial Automation, pharma, production line, textile, machine manufacturing, chemical & drug, FMCG, and many more, employ them. SDTRONICS is well known for providing made-in-India products without compromising international standards and, yes, “with an Indian price tag”. SDTRONICS provides a range of international standard automation cables such as Power and Encoder cables for servo motors & drives, Communication cables for devices like PLC & HMI, Interface Cables & modules, Industrial Profinet cables, and customised cables that are a cost-effective substitute for foreign products and comes with CE & RoHS compliance.

How do IIoT and other technologies improve the performance of manufacturers?
By adopting automation, IIoT, AR, VR, and other technological advancements, manufacturers can leverage real-time data to optimise manufacturing processes, proactively predict equipment breakdowns, and improve supply chain management. They also lower the price of making physical prototypes and enhance quality control while enabling virtual design, training, and collaboration. Ultimately, these technologies have aided businesses to function more profitably, cut expenses, and raise product quality, increasing their competitiveness. In addition to the advantages already described, these technologies have also aided firms in maintaining their competitiveness by shortening the time it takes to bring new products to market.

By implementing production process automation, manufacturers can achieve faster and more efficient product manufacturing, enabling them to adapt to evolving market demands promptly. Additionally, utilising IIoT and other technologies has empowered manufacturers to adopt predictive maintenance strategies, reducing the occurrence of equipment failures and enhancing overall equipment effectiveness. This reduces downtime and maintenance costs while improving equipment reliability, leading to better asset utilisation and increased profitability.
In summary, IIoT and other technological advancements have made a substantial impact on improving manufacturers’ performance. These advancements increased efficiency, productivity, product quality, and sustainability while reducing costs and time to market.

What latest advancements have taken place in manufacturing cables?
Because of the lengthy lead times of 4 to 40 weeks and unavailability, we recently produced some new items, including continuous bending cables and Profinet cables, that were difficult for any organisation to obtain. To address this, we created these items, which solved the problem of longer lead times and unavailability. Additionally, these recent launches were the only goods produced entirely by Indian firms in India. These goods had a tremendous response from the markets, and we also witnessed significant growth in our main products. We are developing more such products to advance even further, which we hope to introduce very soon. With the new launches, we will cover more major issues the industry has faced for years.

With this execution, we are delighted that we are solving the major problems that the industry is facing. Thus, saving a lot more time and money to boost productivity and, of course, profitability as well.

How can technology help to use resources more effectively and create a more sustainable future?
Technology is pivotal in maximising resource utilisation and reducing environmental impact through various means. This includes encouraging energy efficiency, implementing sustainable agriculture practices, promoting green transportation, and adopting renewable energy sources. Additionally, technology enables better waste management, water conservation, monitoring emissions and environmental health, promoting a circular economy, optimising building operations, and more. We can achieve a more sustainable and environmentally friendly future by embracing these practices.

Intelligent waste management systems, precision farming technology, electric vehicles, and other advancements can contribute to achieving these objectives. Successful implementation and widespread acceptance are critical factors for technology to effectively accomplish its role in promoting sustainability and resource optimisation. We can create a future for ourselves and the planet that is more sustainable by using technology to decrease waste, conserve resources, and promote sustainable practices.

What is the significance of upskilling and training in promoting sustainable manufacturing processes?
Upskilling and training initiatives significantly support sustainable manufacturing by boosting productivity, reducing environmental impact, fostering innovation, and enhancing supply chain sustainability. Employees can learn new skills and procedures to reduce waste, use of energy, and resource utilisation while promoting sustainable practices throughout the entire supply chain. In addition to the aforementioned, training and upskilling can support sustainable manufacturing by strengthening worker safety, product quality, and ethical business practices. Workers who have undergone training in safe production procedures are more inclined to avoid accidents that could jeopardise their well-being and that of others—moreover, emphasising product quality aids in reducing waste and improving overall efficiency, thereby promoting sustainability. Lastly, promoting ethical business practices, such as fair labour standards and responsible sourcing of materials, can help reduce negative impacts on local communities and promote long-term sustainability.

What new development are you aiming for this year?
In 2020, we launched India’s first Indigenous Profinet CAT6 Ethernet Cable, which soon became the most popular and most loved product among all categories. In 2022, we launched our Dragchain Duty Servo Cables, which perform very well.The good news is the upcoming year will witness a range of innovative solutions addressing the key challenges in servo systems. We depended entirely on China to produce these products, but following their full development, SDPL would manufacture them exclusively in India, eliminating all ties to China. In addition, we have raised our capacity for production by 40 percent and anticipate doubling it by the year-end. SDTRONICS consistently strives to provide its customers with the highest quality goods and services. We constantly strive to offer consumers goods that deliver the most outcomes with the least effort. Our strategic plans involve extending our operational presence to additional regions in India, expanding our reach and better serving our clients.

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