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Pilz India commits to safe and secure automation solutions for plants and machinery

Pilz India commits to safe and secure automation solutions for plants and machinery

April 1, 2023 7:08 pm

Discussing automation, Amol Bari divulged that as a leading provider of safe automation technology solutions, we at Pilz India are committed to providing safe and secure automation solutions for plants and machinery. Moreover, the industry benefits from our comprehensive service portfolio ranging from risk assessment and safety validation to full engineering.

How have changes in technology impacted the automation and robotics industry in India?
India’s automation and robotics industry has seen significant changes due to the rapid evolution of technology. Indian companies are increasingly adopting advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, and digitalisation of operations to achieve higher productivity, increase efficiency, and reduce costs. In doing so, they are exploring next-generation automation solutions such as real-time monitoring of production data, predictive maintenance solutions, optimising production processes, and identifying opportunities for process improvements. However, the convergence of IT and OT has left manufacturing setups vulnerable to cyber-attacks, and safety and security have become a prime challenge for machine builders, factories, and plants.

How does Pilz support the automation of plants and machinery?
As a leading provider of safe automation technology solutions, Pilz India is committed to providing safe and secure automation solutions for plants and machinery. They offer a wide range of innovative, safe automation solutions to help machine builders and manufacturing plants overcome safe, efficient, and secure plant operations challenges. With their safety systems, businesses can rest assured that their personnel and operations are protected from potential hazards. Pilz offers comprehensive services ranging from risk assessment and safety validation to complete engineering, assisting machine builders and factories with safety through the whole machine lifecycle. Their international machinery safety compliance services and certified trainers provide training on various machine safety topics.

How do new technologies help optimise automation in operational practices?
Industrial automation has moved from being a means to reduce the human effort to becoming a way to optimise operations and processes for increased productivity, efficiency, and profitability. Predictive maintenance, prescriptive maintenance, digital twins, remote access, and business intelligence are notable technologies that have impacted the past few years in optimising various processes and operations. We offer complete automation solutions based on core safety skills and partners with customers to help them optimise their solutions while integrating safety and automation.

Please talk about the trendsetting new product developments by Pilz?
We are globally recognised for providing innovative, safe automation solutions that shape the future of the automation industry. They are pioneers in bringing innovative automation technologies to safe automation and recognise that industrial automation is moving towards digitalisation. Our company has launched PITmode fusion, an access management system that offers operating mode selection and an access permission system to prevent incorrect operation and tampering, protecting both humans and machines. The device uses RFID technology, enabling functionally safe operating mode selection and controlling access permissions in plants and machinery.

What can be done to help SMEs and MSMEs adopt automation despite their barriers?
Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) often need help to adopt automation due to financial constraints, lack of technical expertise, and fear of the unknown. Governments, industry associations, and automation solution providers can take various measures to overcome these barriers.

Technical assistance can guide SMEs and MSMEs in selecting and implementing the right automation equipment. Workforce upskilling through training and development programs can bridge the skill gap. Access to advanced technologies can help these businesses leverage automation’s benefits, making them globally competitive. It is also crucial to prioritise safety and security in SMEs and MSMEs.

SMEs and MSMEs should view automation vendors as partners who can guide them through every process step, from design to implementation and optimisation. Mutual trust is essential for a successful partnership. Pilz India has consistently partnered with various SMEs and MSMEs, helping them overcome barriers and enjoy the benefits of increased productivity, efficiency, cost optimisation, and safe and secure installations.

What is the impact of robots on productivity and efficiency in factory automation?
Robots have revolutionised the industrial landscape by reducing human effort and increasing throughput and product quality. As a result, factories’ productivity and efficiency have significantly improved over the years. Reports suggest that the use of robots in manufacturing and production lines will continue to increase, with revenue projections estimated to reach over USD 700 in 2023 and expected to reach USD 900 by 2027. Collaborative robots are also being deployed for better human-robot collaboration.

Safety is vital in automation, whether using robots or collaborative robots. Therefore, it is crucial to have safety equipment for safe automation solutions. Pilz India offers a range of safe and reliable solutions for industrial automation that optimise production processes and costs while maintaining the highest safety standards. Our innovative automation solutions help businesses improve their productivity and efficiency, from small-scale industries to large manufacturing plants.

What are the long-term benefits of factory automation, considering the cost implications?
Implementing automation solutions in machines, production lines, and manufacturing plants depends on the total investments required, perceived returns, and the time required to achieve them. Therefore, stakeholders must evaluate the cost factors and any short-term and long-term benefits of implementation. The cost of safety and security measures is often viewed as a disadvantage.

However, safety and security have become critical for manufacturers who want to export their machines worldwide and overcome complex compliance and legal issues. Pilz India assists businesses in conforming to regulatory requirements such as CE marking in Europe, OSHA/UL in the US, NR-12 in Brazil, KOSHA in Korea, GOST in Russia, and CCC in China. Safe automation reduces the risk of workplace accidents, thus improving worker safety.

In the long run, factory automation can help businesses remain competitive and adapt to changing market conditions. While upfront costs may be associated with automation implementation, the benefits can lead to significant cost savings over time, making it a worthwhile investment for many companies.

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