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Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered consumer devices


Hero Electronixy announced its entry into the consumer technology space with a series of AI powered, connected devices. The team at Hero Electronix believes that a massive revolution is coming as smart devices proliferate driven by technology trends like ubiquitous connectivity, cloud computing, artificial intelligence and low-cost sensors

Existing products ranging from cameras to audio speakers are getting smarter and a whole new range of devices emerging (i.e. dash cam, child trackers) that can make our lives more convenient, safer andentertaining!

Taking advantage of these technologies, Hero Electronix plans to launch more than 10 intelligent products across home automation, automotive, health and entertainment domains in the next 5 years.

Each of these devices is being architected ground up to solve specific needs of Indian consumers and to work in Indian environments and family set-ups. To develop these solutions, HEPL has made massive R&D investments over the course of past 24 months and partnered with global technology giants like Amazon and Qualcomm.

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