Automation Expo featured next-level solutions

Automation Expo featured next-level solutions

September 19, 2022 11:51 am

Automation is essential to keeping things moving, which includes robotics and automation machinery, IoT technologies, AI-driven systems, or advanced analytics with machine learning support.

Industry 4.0 refers to the fourth industrial revolution, which is based upon the cyber-physical transformation of manufacturing. Industry 4.0 has been defined as a name for the current trend of automation and data exchange in manufacturing technologies, including cyber physical systems, the Internet of things, cloud computing, cognitive
computing, and the creation of the smart factory

Automation Expo, India’s global automation marketplace, is the biggest expo for the entire South-East Asian Region for showcasing the latest innovations and providing galore opportunities to network with the best technical minds in the industry. It featured a CEO summit, conference and special zones. There has been a phenomenal increase in the number and quality of exhibitors and visitors from across the many renowned companies displayed their crucial range of solutions at the famous Automation Expo held in Mumbai in August 2022.

We are into the entire range of instrumentation. We also do calibration services and are into calibration of technology products. People felt ecstatic to see the application demo we recently prepared, specifically for the Automation Expo. We created this type of application presentation. It’s a water tank application where we have mounted all of our products, from gauges to temperature transmitters, and everything is connected to an edge box. The concept of this entire automation is in the industry trend, which is industry 4.0. Now Industry 5.0 has emerged, which is the value-driven IoT. We showcased the demo unit with a dashboard which will be remotely accessible to the user. The unit demonstrates that one can put most of the instrumentation, applications, and this solution for
the customer is a value-added service. We are expanding a facility in Pune by purchasing additional land and constructing a new building. Consequently, we are also expanding some product lines there since there is a lot of emphasis on India as a manufacturing base. We are expanding our infrastructure and facilities.

If you can’t measure it, you can’t control it. So, that is where we foot in and do the measurement and control. Vega is a level and pressurefocused company focusing solely on level and pressure product segments. We are industry experts. Our expertise is in level measurement in liquids and solids. And that is exactly what we have been doing for almost six years. When we talk about solids, we want to measure whatever is inside a tank or a silo.

6X is the big thing in the industry, and Vega is developing a technology that can measure liquids and solids with a single model. And this is where 6X comes into play. No one else in the industry  has even considered having a single model for liquids and solids. 6X is new for us, and 8X in radiation is also new. This will change the way people look at level measurement with temperature. When we talk about automation, we are always talking about control. Control is most likely one of the most critical aspects. One of the essential things for aiding control is measurement. Our automation is entirely focused on measurement.

Strongly believing in creating human-machine harmony at the shop floors, OMRON has been continuously working on bringing in advanced ILOR+S (Input, Logic, Output, Robotics andSafety) solutions based on its futuristic concept of innovative automation for solving innumerable issues at the shop floor ranging from productivity to quality; speed to safety. So we have displayed examples of how we can address specific challenges- from predictive maintenance to product solving, pick and place challenges.

The display, consisting of integrated automation solutions & varied robotics offerings, personified the company’s thought leadership and long-term vision – Shaping The Future 2030. Sameer Gandhi, MD, OMRON Automation, India, said, “Looking at the next ten years, we aim to level up and reinvigorate our innovative automation concept. Renewing it and labelling it as the next phase of innovative automation, we aim for on-site innovation by embodying three capabilities: Automation beyond human abilities; advanced collaboration between people and machines; and digital engineering transformation’ in automotive with a focus on environment-friendly/ new energy vehicle, digital,
medical, F&C, logistics and infrastructure segments.” Further, he stated that providing solutions to make the factory floor more efficient, safe and flexible has long been one of OMRON’s core competencies.

Businesses are now attempting to transition to Industry 4.0, a major robotic trend. We, an automation company, offer a variety of industry 4.0 solutions. We demonstrated collaborative robots, palletizing solutions, vision-based pick and place applications, etc. Some are IoT applications, and some soldering solutions are also suitable for dispensing applications. Our customers come from the electronic manufacturing solutions, FMCG, and automobile
industries so you can work anywhere a robot can go. We do a lot of work with refractory ceramics, abrasive industries, food, and similar processes for our IoT solutions and other automation work. Our robots and robotic solutions are prevalent. Many businesses are now attempting to transition to Industry 4.0 and make greater
use of technology.

Regarding robotic trends, collaborative robots are a new thing that has emerged in which people, humans, and robots work together. The industry 4.0 implementation is a major robotic trend where people want real-time information. Predictive maintenance is essential. We are just getting started. People are catching up; we also have a predictive maintenance solution in which we sense vibration for motors and then use predictive analytics to see if the vibration changes over time from a baseline pattern. So if this changes, the system can automatically notify someone, “I see a different vibration pattern, and it is now time for you to go check it before it begins to fail.”

Trends are changing. Many players are striving to make their products indigenous, taking advantage of the ‘Make in India’ campaign by our Government of India. We have been aligned with the Make in India concept since 27 years back. We are providing import substitute cable solutions. All major players in automation are coming to SDTronics has a solution for automation cables in which are available all connecting cables to a servo motor, PLC, HMI, power cable, encoder cables, communication cable, IO interfacing cables. All major players in automation are coming to India to set up their manufacturing plants. We can feel a bright future for the Indian automation industry, and overall industrial investment is picking up.

Automation means upgrading. Previously, we used to say it was simple automation, but now automation can be IoT, industry 4.0, smart manufacturing or digital automation. So, these are the current and future trends of automation. So all customers will now look for automation that can add value to their machines or services. We have started with
the ball screws. Over the years, we have also developed electronic components to provide mechanical and electronic solutions, like single-axis robots and top motor rotary tables. Predictive maintenance and Industry 4.0 is a future trends for this wire manufacturing. We have seven manufacturing sites in Taiwan and subsidiaries in 13 countries globally. The feature that makes this product unique is the key components of all these systems are an in-house built by Hiwin. e take care of all the technologies of components and systems.