Robots for Indian factories | OEM Update | Industry Speaks

May 4, 2022 6:17 pm

Robotic, AI and IoT adoption are automating the Indian factories. Industrial robots are taking over repetitive and hazardous tasks in factories like the automotive, electronics, including welding and material handling operations sectors in India. Smart automation helps reduce costs, machine breakdowns and errors, as well as worker injuries. There are various opportunities for intra-logistics automation solution providers’ to setup robotics and automation solutions for factories and warehouses.

India is on move to invest in robotics and related technologies, such as sensors, data analytics, 3D printing, to make factories more profitable. Recently, Reliance industries gave orders worth around $1 billion, for robots with 5G technology. Trends suggest the global stock of robots from 2.25 million will multiply in the next 20 years, reaching around 20 million by 2030 with 14 million in China alone, according to the report. The edge for factories lies in robotics applications.

On this note, OEM Update hosted a round table conference on “Robots for Indian factories” on March 29, 2022. During those 90-minutes session industry experts discussed about emerging opportunities and challenges for robotics implementation, self reliance capabilities, exports and services, enhancing productivity of Indian factories, and to enter next phase of growth.

Mr. Kalyan Ram from Electrono Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
Mr. Anik Jain from Gamma Skills
Mr. Naresh Kantoor from Enconsy Pvt. Ltd.
Mr. Tanmay Sharma from B&R industrial Automation Pvt. Ltd.