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Address the digital talent gap


Jaycee is working since the last one year to make its complete workforce more receptive and friendly to use technology.

Amritsar based Jaycee Strips & Fasteners Pvt Ltd is a renowned manufacturer of three-point linkage sets, tractor accessories and attachments, under the brand name ‘Jaycee’. The company’s CEO Kanav Aggarwal informs that they are working towards making their complete workforce more receptive to use technology.

Importance of adopting digitisation in manufacturing
Digitisation can help a lot in today’s time only if available at affordable cost. Due to the lack of understating of the processes and quality of education being provided today to the new pass out engineers, it becomes very difficult to place the engineers on the shop floor. Since, we have become extremely dependent on technology in our day-to-day life it has now somewhat become mandatory to have digital readouts, digital measurement instruments to enable the young engineers to perform better.

Focus on SME and SSI sector
The SME and SSI sector is still 5 years behind the medium- and large-scale industries. The sad part is there is no one in India to teach the SSI and SME sector how to do it. Even if help is available it is too expensive for the smaller industries to actually take their help. The consultants and the programmes are only available for the already developed industries. It is suggested that the government may do some handholding whether it is made part of the skill development or some other way. We need to accept the fact that majority of the jobs are created by SME and the SSI industry since they are directly or indirectly related to the big companies only as tier 2 or tier 3 industries. So a genuine effort in this regards would relay benefit whole ecosystem.

Digital talent gap
Jaycee Strips & Fasteners in the process of equipping itself with the latest technologies like 3D printing, digital readouts, adopting more CNC, VMC machines, robotic welding. However, the challenge now is to develop the skill of the users to adopt these technologies.

Encouraging workforce to be more receptive
Jaycee Strips & Fasteners is excited to embrace new technology and as a company it is trying to adopt digitisation where and when possible. Jaycee is working since the last one year to make its complete workforce more receptive and friendly to use technology.

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